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Sunday, December 30, 2012

Rose Garden BOM - block 6

I have been able to get quite a bit of sewing done over the holidays, including the block for January's BOM Rose Garden.  This one is also a block with several names, and I saw it in a number of locations, including a link to the Spencer Museum. 

I was reading Barbara Brackman's book Encyclodedia of Applique, and she talks about names for blocks, and why there are various names for the same block, and various designs for the one name.  Mostly, in a nutshell, the designs were not named by the makers.  It is only in the 20th century when people starting have access to written designs were they given names. 

Hope you enjoy making this little block.  It is now available to download on the Legend and Lace website.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

it is Christmas time, and that means a new project

For as long as I can remember now, I have started something new at Christmas.  It is a good time to start, as people often ask how long it took to make something, or when did I start it, and Christmas is a good time.  This one happened by accident.  I was scrolling through my magazines to show my visitor some good examples of English Paper Piecing.  I found an older copy of Quiltmania magazine No 86, and on the front is a red hexagon quilt, and a medallion quilt.

In the magazine they mention that the quilt was inspired by an old quilt in the Shelburne Museum, and it is in the book "Enduring Grace".  hmmm....I have that book.......some place.  Found it, and yes there is the quilt!  The centre is the same, but the borders have been changed.  I think I will make a combination of the new and the old.

 This is a perfect "scrap box" project.  I have saved lots of precious bits that I can not throw out, and now I get to use them.

So the centre is all finished, and I am cutting out the triangles for the first ring.  I decided to use the templates from Quiltmania, but I would advise that if you plan to make this quilt, just be a little careful of the instructions.  I am hand piecing and using templates, but there are a couple of templates not on the sheet, and they are then listed in the instructions.  Also, with the ring around the centre, the templates are both named the same "G", and the instructions say to "top and tail" them.  that won't work, as one has to be wider than the other to get the curve, and one has an outer curve and one an inner curve.  So, what I am saying is just be a bit careful of the instructions.

Would you like to see what my visitor has been doing?  Never done patchwork before, but is quite artistic.  I thought English Paper Piecing was a way to go.  What colours?  She chose red and black.  How about this for a first attempts?

Friday, December 14, 2012

Pieces of the Past - Christmas Star block

Do you think this looks like a Christmas Star?  It is probably as close as I get with it - red/green/gold.....has all the right colours.

This is block number 6 in the Pieces of the Past project.  If you have been collecting all the blocks, then you are two thirds completed.  This is not a difficult block to make, but it can get a bit tricky right in the centre - where all the seams meet.  I find that if you swirl all the seams around on the back in one direction and press them, then they sit flatter.

The pattern is now available on the Legend and Lace website.

Over the next couple of week I will be taking it easy with the holidays coming, family visiting and the HOT weather.  I have already completed the next Rose Garden block, but will not release it until the new year.

Last weekend I baked my Christmas Cake.  And this weekend, I plan to do the puddings.  I don;t know why I still think I have to do things on the weekends, as it is not like I am actually going out to work, and need to do these things on weekends.  I guess the habits of a lifetime are hard to kick.

Friday, November 30, 2012

Rose Garden - Block 5 - Wild Rose

Are you ready for the next block?  Yes, it is early, but I like to work ahead when I can and then I am not rushing at the last minute.

Hope you like this little block.  The leaves are a bit fiddly, but just take your time with them and they will look lovely.

I am already planning the next block.  I figure that December will be a busy month, so had better get in now while I can.  It is also getting really hot where I am, and I might not feel like much sewing in the weeks to come.  Just this week, we had a whole week of temperatures over 30C, and it is not even officially Summer yet.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Australian Quilt Market

Last week I took my friend Marilyn with me, and we went to the Australian Quilt Market in Melbourne.  I had been before as a "buyer" but this is the first time I had been as a seller.  This is Australia's quilt wholesale market - not open to the general public.

 You know that when things can go wrong, they usually do.  I placed a large order for Karen Kay Buckley Perfect Scissors and Circles ages before the event, planning on a large display.  Of course they did not arrive in time and I had to revert to Plan B - which was just use everything I could get my hands on to display.

 Everything I could lay my hands on, got pinned up on the walls

I borrowed small blocks made by one of my students, Julie M, that are a collection of circles to pin on the wall.  I also used my quilt "Pom Pom Tree" to display how you can use circles.

 On another wall I pinned the wheel blocks I have been working on

 And the final half wall, I put a few of the Cherry Tree blocks I had been working on.

We ran Karen's DVD continuously, and did demos (see the iron in the photos) most of the time, and talked to lots and lots of people.  I met some new friends and some old ones.  We had visits from Lynette Anderson, Christine Abela, Linda Collins, Janet O'Dell and Margaret Mew.  Forgive me if I missed anyone.

The shipment of scissors and circles has still not arrived, but I am confident they will be here by the end of the week.  On a brighter note, the new Perfect Curved Scissors have arrived.  They were in a seperate box, and did not get caught up with the other things.

If you have ordered any of these new scissors, they will be dispatched in the next day or two.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Pieces of the Past - Block 5 - Caesar's Crown

We are now more than half way through this project.  I have certainly learned a lot about creating PDF's and digital patterns in the last few months.  Now all I have to learn is how to do it just once, and get it right the first time!   I am always in such a rush, wanting to keep to my deadline of the 15th of the month.  Just make it by the skin of my teeth.

In this block, you get to use some of your pretty fabrics again.  I chose one for the centre of the block, and from that I chose all the other fabrics.

The pattern for this block is now available on the Legend and Lace website, along with the previous 4.  They are all still there.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Sitting in the wings, waiting

Last weekend I was invited to spend some time at a friends beach house at Port Elliott, south of Adelaide.  It was great timing, as my DH, John is out of town, and I had not other commitments.  I mentioned this to my "pester power" friend, Penny.  She thought it would be a great opportunity to work on the Little Sisters quilt.  How could I say no to that!  All the applique was done, and I just had to assemble it.

The original quilt, at the Smithsonian, had the appliqued border going right around.  I decided that I would do it in strips, and add it to the quilt like a log cabin piece, wrapped around.  I saw this done on other antique quilts and thought it looked pretty good.  Also, it eliminated all the fiddling with getting things to go around the corner properly.

Well, here it is, all assembled.  I am reasonably happy with it, but now I am trying to work out how I can unpick those bits of the border to make them flow around the corner.  Perhaps I should be happy with the tag "inspired by" rather than the "copied" label.  What do others think?

 Also, working on Calico Paradise......traced out the centre ring, and burst onto freezer paper
 transferred the freezer paper drawing onto the back of the quilt top, matching all those previous lines

 Tacked on the drawn lines, through all the layers, then cut away the large centre piece.  This can be used later for other applique shapes.
Cut away the "burst" as well

And this is what I am left with now to work with.  Much easier now that it is tacked in place.

Monday, November 5, 2012

Moving along...

 Calico Paradise, from Dawn, Collector with a Needle, is starting to take shape.  The centre cut out is all appliqued in place, and I have started on the leaves in the centre. 

Edit!!This is a much nicer photo.  If you looked last night, it was all blurred.  I took about 6 photos, and they were all blurred.  This morning it is fine.  Wonder what that was all about?  Anyway, you can see this lovely fabric now.  The blue makes all the difference.  This leaf is tacked in place waiting to be appliqued.
 This shows up the second fabric really well.  Stripes are really important in this project
Another fabric that is just perfect for some of the birds and leaves.  Don't you just love the red/rust/madder with the touches of blue?  It really sparkles.

The next big part is the get the centre "burst" in place around these shapes.  That might be tomorrow - will see how the day shapes up.

Monday, October 29, 2012

Topeka Rose - Rose Garden BOM block 4

 How organised am I!  My quilts are all delivered for the Adelaide Quilt show 8-11 November, and I have made the November Rose Block a whole week early.  Got my life (temporarily) back in hand.  It is now available to download from the Legend and Lace website.

Hope you like this months block - Topeka Rose.  I did a little research on it and found a number of references, including one at the Spencer Museum (type in "Topeka Rose" for your search).  There are a few different designs, and I have used this image to create my drawing.

I thought I would give you a little step-by-step look at how I completed my block.

First off, I put my drawing on the light box, and put my fabric face down onto the drawing.  I then trace the drawing onto the back of the fabric with a 2B lead pencil.  At this stage I start thinking about the layers of the applique - what to do first, second etc.  In this case the leaves come first.

 I tack the leaf fabric onto the front of the block, using a size 8 needle and quilting thread.  I use the design on the back, and sew on top of the lines.  See how I have made the leaves as one piece instead of individual pieces.  Makes for easier handling.
 Once the leaves are tacked in place, I draw over the stitches with a Clover white wash out pen.  It helps to highlight the stitching line in case you can not see it properly.
 After the leaves are all done, I then tack the stems in place.  Make sure they are long enough so that they will be covered by the next layer of the applique.
 Stems are all done, so it is time for the flowers. The buds are done, then the centre red petals  They look a bit like hearts,  You do not need to take them right to the centre of the block, but just tack in place, which will be covered by the next layer.
 The pink petals are done next.  I found it easier to complete two opposite pieces first, then the final 2 pieces can then be added, and butted up close to the first 2 petals.  Leave the very centre flat, not turned under, as you will put the circle over the top.

All done!  I used Perfect Circles to complete the circle in the centre.  From the pack you choose the one you need.  Cut out a circle of fabric larger than the size,  do a running stitch around the edge of the fabric, pull up the stitches.  Press, remove the circle template, press again, and stitch in place.

I will start working ahead with the rest of the blocks while I can, and have them available as soon as you might need them.  Hope you are liking these lovely traditional floral blocks.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Past Reflections

Last week DH and I went for a little holiday to Port Lincoln, and home via Kadina, where I had a class on Saturday and Sunday.  I took along my quilt to finish off the quilting.  I got a lot done, because the weather was not so good, and I spent a bit of time in doors.  We had a really big storm that lasted 2 days, and we were right by the beach.  Bit scarey.

So, now my quilt is all finished, and at this very moment, in the washing machine.  Now that is really scarey!  I use a very mild detergent, and a couple of "colour catchers", but with so much cream and red, I worry what it is going to look like when it is done.  I have to just walk away.

Once the quilt is washed, I lay it on the floor and block it.  As you can see by the photo above it is pretty flat and square - a miracle!  However, if it is not flat and square, then blocking it will make it that way.  Way back here I posted on how I block a quilt .

This quilt is a combination of blocks from the Circuit Rider quilt, and those found in other places, that were complimentary.  It has taken several years to complete, as it started life as 2 class samples, which I then pulled apart, sewed back together with more blocks.  It actually has not got a top or bottom, but I had better decided which way it goes before I put the hanging sleeve.  Also, I made a very wide binding on it.  As there was no border, I thought that might give it a more finished look.

Wonder how that washing machine is going?....must not think about it.

How about a rainbow!  I caught this rainbow to bring home to my DGD Skylar.  She loves rainbows, and this came after our storm at Port Lincoln.  Such a treat!

Monday, October 15, 2012

Pine Burr block

This months block for the Pieces of the Past Block of the Month, is the Pine Burr.  Also, knows as Feathered World Without end.  You get a chance to show off some pretty fabric in the middle of this block.

Don't let those little triangles scare you off!  They are easily pieced by hand, then added to the "arms" of the block.

The pattern is now available on the Legend and Lace website as a PDF to download.

A few years back I made a whole quilt of this block.  I chose a dark blue for the centre, and lighter blues for the arms, and feathers, and finally red points.  When the  red points meet they take on a whole new pattern.  The finished quilt I hand quilted with an all-over Baptist Fan design.  It is one of my favourite quilts.

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Hand quilting workshop

Fruit Tingle - hand appliqued and quilted

I am leading a "hand quilting" workshop at Hettie's Patch, at 294 Port Rd,  Hindmarsh, South Australia,  on Saturday 27th October.  We will be covering most aspects of hand quilting -  basting the quilting, marking, threads, needles, thimbles, hoops, and anything else I can think of.  The workshop will run from 10 am to 2pm, and the cost is $30.  Bring along a small quilt that you would like to work on, or the shop will supply you with a "kit" of quilter's muslin and batting.  Please call Lorraine, or one her lovely staff members, to book your spot.  The number is : 08 8346 0548

My usual hand work "sit n sew" at Hettie's on the first Saturday of the month will not be held in November.  The hand quilting class mentioned above will be held instead.

Hope to see my "regulars" there, and meet a few new people.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Rose Garden - Block 3

I bet you don't know how many quilt blocks have "Rose" in their names until you starting searching through books for them.  The block this month I found under several names, but I am calling it "Cactus Rose".  The little leaves look a bit spiky to me.

It is a little easier than last month's block - not quite so many little pieces to put in place.  I am trying to find a bit of a mixture of designs - some simple, some a little more complex.

At least I have made my deadline with this, can't say that for all of my outstanding projects.

The blocks is available on the Legend and Lace website now, and can be downloaded.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012


I got a half day free, and could start on my new project, Calico Paradise, from Collector with a Needle, Dawn.
 My preferred method of applique is needle-turn, backing basting.  the centre of the quilt is done in one piece and when I tried to trace onto the wrong side of the fabric, it was just plain hard work.  You can see from the photo above the detail of the design on the pattern.  It is complex, and a really high class pattern.

So, what I decided to do was to trace half the centre onto freezer paper, then iron it onto the back of the background fabric and then draw around it.  Remove, then draw the other half.  Great plan?  Well I stuffed it!  I decided it was easier just to trace 1/4 of the design, fold the paper in half and then cut out the two layers.  I expect the original maker would have done 4 folds and cut out this way.

Well, the freezer paper kept slipping, so I ironed them together - dah!  and then of course I could not seperate them.  So, I ended up with quite a stiff piece of paper, with a 1/4 of the design.
 I then had the pin it to the back of the background fabric, draw around it and move it 3 times to do the whole centre.  BTW - this centre is about 30" so it is really quite hard to handle.
 At the same time I got the centre circle drawn on freezer paper, so at least I know where that is, and marked that, plus  the 4 leaves within the centre.
 The next part took me 2 evenings to day.  I had to back-bast the madder print fabric onto the right side of the background.  This is done with a large-ish needle - I use a 8 straw needle, and a quilting thread that contrast with with top fabric.  In this case I used aGutemann mustard colour.
 Once it is all basted, you can then give it a press, and trim about 1/4" around the tacking line. I just remove the main part of the outside fabric, and leave the little cut out pieces until I get to them.  You can see (just) on this photo the tacking lines, and then I draw over the stitches with a Clover wash out white pen.  This makes it easier to spot the tacking stitches if the fabric is a bit busy, or I am getting tired :-)
The Clover pen comes off easily with the iron.  I use it all the time on dark fabrics.  When you draw with it, it does not show up straight away, but appears slowly.  People using the pen for the first time, think it is not working, but just wait a bit and the lines appear

So, this is what I have now.  Not really a kind of "carry along" project is it?  But at least it is all tacked in place, I do not have to worry about getting stabbed with pins during the applique process, and it will not move about.  I know the back-basting takes time to start, but the process gives a great result, and is ideal for large pieces of work like this one.

 In case you think I have run out of things to do, you are wrong!  I am still trying to get my "Past Reflections" completed for the Adelaide Quilt show in November, and I have just about finished all the background quilting.
I have also quilted about all the shapes, and just need to go back and do some extra quilting within some of the motifs.  I am pretty much on track with this, and find a deadline pretty motivational.