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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Past Reflections - Block 3 - Rose and Leaves

The next block is ready just in time for some more holiday sewing.  This one looks a bit Christmasy, but that was not my intention.  Most of the blocks are green/red/pink and gold.....so I guess it could be made into a Christmas quilt.

The applique on this block could be a little tricky if you are not very confident.  I did each of the leaves in one piece working in and out of the small parts of the leaves.  However, when it came to teaching, I actually broke the leaves up into 3 parts as an option.  Draw an imaginary line across each of the leaves.  Applique the two "across" pieces first, then add the long part of the leaf.  In the whole scheme of things, you do not actually notice that it has been done this way.  I marked these lines on the pattern as an option.

The pattern is now available as a digital download on the Legend and Lace website.  Remember, there is no charge for the patterns, but you have to put them into your shopping cart and proceed from there.  You get 3 days to download once you have done that, and you get 3 goes at it.  Let me know if you need the links reset.  The only thing I can not do is help you with your printer problems...sorry.

I am starting to recycle a couple of my older applique projects.  One that I got out the other day, I remember starting on the trip we did to Kangaroo Island for my husbands 60th birthday.......he will be 70 next year.  My how time flies!  I found a big problem with this one, and  am going to have to take it to the "brains trust" (aka applique group) to help me sort it.  More on that one later......except to say that some of the blocks were done as 14" and some as 15".

I also got out my Cherry Tree blocks.  I have made 20 of the 25 and plan to leave it at 20, but I will start on the big border for the quilt.  It can be resized for the smaller quilt.  Photos next time.

My "Return to Paradise" is in the loving hands of the machine quilting guru for basting. So the hand quilting of that will take up a fair bit of my time over the next few months,

Happy New Year to you all.  Thanks for your company in 2014.  Hope to see more of you in 2015

Saturday, December 27, 2014

Return to Paradise

I have just completed adding the final border to the Return to Paradise.  This is my version of Dawn's - Collector with a Needle - Calico Paradise.

Next week it is going to the machine quilting lady to be basted, so I can start the hand quilting.  I tried to lay it out flat to take a good picture for you, but it is so big, I could not find a space on the floor without moving too much furniture.....so you get little snaps of it.

I have had this border fabric in my cupboard for a good few years now, waiting on the right project.  The colour is madder, the same as the other reds in the quilt, so it is really perfect.  I cut the borders from the length of the fabric, and cut them a 1/4 of the width.  Whether or not they stay that wide, I have not yet decided.   The original quilt has 12" borders, but I am pretty sure it will look just as good with them a little narrower.
 While I had it on the ironing board, for the final press, I thought I would take a few close ups.
 I cut away from the back of the larger pieces of applique like these birds.  I don't always cut away, only when I think there might be lots of quilting on the applique shapes.  Makes nicer stitches.

I love these blues!  They are some old Smithsonian prints I have been hoarding for years.  No point in keeping them just for the sake of it.

Dawn said the original quilt had a purple backing.  I found this one, which is not really a reproduction fabric (that I know of) but it looks like it could be.  A lot of Henry Glass fabrics fit in with reproduction quilts.  Using such a dark backing, and a printed background fabric, I have not been quite so fussy about trimming the stray threads on the back of the work.  I figure no one is likely to notice :-))

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Pom Pom Tree complete pattern, and other stuff

My sincere apologies for delay in producing this final part of the the Pom Pom trees pattern.  I really got stuck on this, and had to find a whole free day to work on it......which seems to be hard right now.

Anyway, it is done!!!  Yay!!  and thanks for being patient......there is no charge for this final part.  I know it looks hard, but really it is just 310 and half square triangles.......Just take your time over them, and all will work out.  The setting squares are 3 1/2" and have randomly selected circles of various sizes and colours.  This might take a little time, but you can get them all ready and carry along with you.  The rest of the border I did by machine.

I set myself a target of making one border strip a day, so they were all done in a month, and I had the little squares to work on at night at the same time.

Good luck with it and I would really loved to see some photos.......

I got the 9th Block of the Mary Mannakee quilt completed and made into a mini quilt.  It is now at Hettie's Patch hoping to lure weak willed quilters into joining our class. Don't think this is too hard....we will start with one of the easier blocks, like the one on the RHS - middle row.  I will show you how to do "back-basting" applique, with no templates, no freezer paper, no sticky stuff.

 The Past Reflections Quilt is also at Hettie's.  We will be doing both these quilts next year on the 1st Saturday and the 3rd Thursday of the month.  Come to both or either one.  Lorraine (shop owner) will be making up fabric packs for the Past Reflections.

Now for the holidays.........I have Christmas Day visitors at my house.  We are expecting 10 all together, and the day will be not too hot and not too cold - about 24C.  I plan to have them all out and gone by late afternoon and I can sit and sew and clean up at my leisure.  I am working on the final border of the Return to Paradise.  My goal is to have it all ready for quilting by the start of January.  Fingers crossed!

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Mary M at Hettie's Patch

I thought by completing the 9th block of the Mary Mannakee quilt, I would be able to say I am ready to finish now, and make it into a little quilt.  Apparently not!
 When I have my monthly hand sewing group at Hettie's Patch, I always take along what I am working on at present, or what I am thinking about doing, or latest finish........something to get the girls inspired.  This time I took along the 8 1/2 blocks of the Mary Mannakee quilt, and got more than one or two inspired.  Lorraine (the owner of Hetties) got inspired too, and has now decided that we are going to offer this as an ongoing workshop for next year.  How about that! 

We will be doing it  on the 1st Saturday, and the 3rd Thursday of the month.  You can come to either or to both.  Get in touch with Lorraine on (08) 8346 0548 for further details, or to register your interest.
This is what block 9 looks like now.  Most of the leaves are in place, and I have started on the main flower, with the cut out pieces.  There are lots of reverse applique in this quilt.  It can be a bit scary for some people, but it can be made easy with a bit of practice and patience.  I always do the cut out part first, in case I make a mess of it, I can replace the fabric.  If I applique the whole flower in place, then  do the cut-outs, and make a mess, it is a lot of wasted time.

Also next year, at the same time as the Mary M blocks, we will be doing the Past Reflections blocks.  You will be able to purchase fabric packs for these blocks.  Makes it easy to get the colour right.

These are the first 2 blocks.  The 3rd block I will get ready before Christmas.  You can download the pattern on the Legend and Lace website.......so why the class? you ask.......some people collect the patterns, but never actually get around to making them.  They have every good intention, but need a little encouragement.  Committed to a class once a month is great encouragement.  Again, if you are interested. contact Lorraine at Hetties.

Both these quilts will be hanging in the shop soon for you to have a little look.  Well, one is a quilt, the other is only 9 blocks sewn together, that is pretending to be a quilt!

Saturday, December 6, 2014

A few new things......

A couple of weeks ago I went to Melbourne for the Australian Quilt Market.  I was very conservative with how I spent my time, and really only came home with a couple of new things.

These little templates are called Pinwheel Magic.  They come in 6 1/2" and 4 1/2" size.  The idea is that you make a 4 patch block, and put this template on top of the block, line up the points, and cut.  You then get one of three different shape pinwheels.  There is a Youtube video to see how it is done.  They are on the Legend and Lace website now for $10.50 each, includes postage within Australia, or you can have both sizes for $20.

This panel is HUGE and part of the new range by Mary Koval called Palampore from Wyndham Fabrics.  You can have a look at the whole range on the Wyndham website.  I bought the WHOLE range for resale.  EEK!  It will be here next April, and there is only going to be limited stock.....so if you want it, let me know now and I will reserve it for you.  The panel is 50" x 90".....so almost a quilt in itself.  The cost as yet unknown.

So, I bought "little" things and "big" things that I could not resist.