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Sunday, December 21, 2014

Pom Pom Tree complete pattern, and other stuff

My sincere apologies for delay in producing this final part of the the Pom Pom trees pattern.  I really got stuck on this, and had to find a whole free day to work on it......which seems to be hard right now.

Anyway, it is done!!!  Yay!!  and thanks for being patient......there is no charge for this final part.  I know it looks hard, but really it is just 310 and half square triangles.......Just take your time over them, and all will work out.  The setting squares are 3 1/2" and have randomly selected circles of various sizes and colours.  This might take a little time, but you can get them all ready and carry along with you.  The rest of the border I did by machine.

I set myself a target of making one border strip a day, so they were all done in a month, and I had the little squares to work on at night at the same time.

Good luck with it and I would really loved to see some photos.......

I got the 9th Block of the Mary Mannakee quilt completed and made into a mini quilt.  It is now at Hettie's Patch hoping to lure weak willed quilters into joining our class. Don't think this is too hard....we will start with one of the easier blocks, like the one on the RHS - middle row.  I will show you how to do "back-basting" applique, with no templates, no freezer paper, no sticky stuff.

 The Past Reflections Quilt is also at Hettie's.  We will be doing both these quilts next year on the 1st Saturday and the 3rd Thursday of the month.  Come to both or either one.  Lorraine (shop owner) will be making up fabric packs for the Past Reflections.

Now for the holidays.........I have Christmas Day visitors at my house.  We are expecting 10 all together, and the day will be not too hot and not too cold - about 24C.  I plan to have them all out and gone by late afternoon and I can sit and sew and clean up at my leisure.  I am working on the final border of the Return to Paradise.  My goal is to have it all ready for quilting by the start of January.  Fingers crossed!

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