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Sunday, April 26, 2015

Past Reflections - Block 7 - Bay Leaf

At first glance this blocks looks quite simple.  I thought so too when I first decided to make it.  However, we have all those points, and all those points have to "just touch" all the other points.   You could do it another way, well a couple of other ways actually.  The first one that comes to mind, is to make the centre a large circle, and applique that kite shape that is the background in mine, Over the top of the circle.  You still have to hide the points of the kite with that method.

The next method would be to make the block, and have none of the the pieces touching......just have them floating.  All the Melon pieces are the same shape (well should be) and you could lay them out on the background.  You may have to reduce the size of the printout if you take this road, otherwise it will not it the background as well.

The Block is available on the Legend and Lace website, as a free downloadable pattern

 I am STILL working on the quilting of my Return to Paradise.  Now I am doing the Baptist Fan on the large border.  So far I have 3 1/2 sides done, quilted at 1" apart.  You can see the stitches (I think) above.  The background of the applique is quilted with echo lines, and about 1/2" apart.  So, when I have finished this last border, I am going to go back and do it all over again!  Crazy?  Yes, but I thought I would do it 1" to start, and then add the extra line if needed, and it does need it, to be consistent.  I have 5 weeks to get it done, and I feel like I am on schedule.

My hands are very sore, and the onset of cold weather has not helped.  I thought I would have a little break today, and drew up the Bay Leaf pattern on EQ7.  Ever done any drawing on EQ?  It is also hard on the hands, so I have a new kind of pain now.

Anzac Day...........Is a very special commemorative day in Australia and New Zealand.  Yesterday was the 100 year anniversary, and we went to the march in town yesterday.  Lots of tears shed by all, and it is painful to talk of it.......so instead I will introduce you to some family members.
 My grandfather William (Bill) Freeman put his age down to enlist in WW11.  He fought in the Middle East.  This is a souvenir postcard he sent home.  The girls on the left are my mother and her 3 sisters, the beautiful dark lady on the right is my grandmother Alice, who died when I was 11 months old.  She was only in her 50's.  So sad.
My mother, Betty, Alice again, and my handsome father Jim (Edmund Sheldrick), who died at the age of 31.  He was also a soldier in WW11, serving in the occupational forces in Japan.  You can see where we all get out stunning good looks from!