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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Sew-a-Long is up and running

On the top Right Hand Side of this blog page is a photo of the first block combo.  If you click on the photo it *should* take you directly to a PDF file for the instructions.  You can print this off .  It is pretty basic instructions, and made for rotary cutting only.  If you want to hand piece, then after rotary cutting, you can just mark a scant 1/4" seam with pencil.

Here is the photo of my block combo.  You can use any colours you like of course, but this will give you an idea.

I will add to the files as I make them, but will not leave them there for more than one month......so get in while you can!

AND, don't forget the photos!!

Happy stitching

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

I have a new idea for a "Sew Along"

You can tell that I have completed my major project, when I start looking for new things to do.  Just recently I had a request from a couple of magazine editors for something they could commission.  First place for me to look is in my UFO boxes!  It would be nice to get  a few things out of the boxes, completed, and a few dollars into my secret sewing account.....you all have one of those, don't you?

I did find a few things I would like to finish, but not necessarily ones that could be published.  Do you have a heap of odd blocks?   I do, and have come up with a plan, and I am going to let you share it, and join along if you like.  Many years ago, one of the first quilts I saw, and admired greatly was one of those "odd block" quilts.....where you add blocks together randomly, and somehow they all match, and look fabulous.  I want one of those!

This is the plan............each time I will show a collection of blocks that adds up to 12".  That might be one 12" .......or one 8" plus, a few 4" blocks,.......... or nine 4".......or any combination there of.  When the time comes to put them together they *should* all fit as the governing size is 12".  Do you get it??

Pictures help.....this is an 8" block, with five 4" blocks, and together they make 12" when all sewn together.  There will be some pieced blocks like these in the photos, and some applique (as that is what I found in the mystery boxes).

If I get enough people, who might want to join in, then I will post the instructions here on my blog.  I am trying to work out how I can do that as a "click on" side bar thing, but if I can't work it out, then it might be just typed in like this.  I am hoping to do one a week.

Are you up for the challenge???

Footnote......I just worked out how to do it as a "side bar" link!  Happy!

Saturday, May 23, 2015


I hate it when I make a mistake and you all have to tell me about it!   I did make a keying error when I set up the last block, and did not realise it.  Sorry everyone, but a space does make a difference, and that is what I did.....I put a space where there should be none.  So simple!

Try again please!!  http://www.legendandlace.com/index.php?act=viewProd&productId=292

I was really worried that it might have had something to do with the changes I mentioned in the last post.  So glad that is not the case.

Thanks for being patient.

Friday, May 22, 2015

Oak Leaves - Block 8

Are you keeping up with these blocks?  this one is a little tricky, but it had to be done!
The tricky part is working in and out of the fingers of the leaves.  I found it easiest to leave them as a whole shape, and then just slit down between them, leaving smaller seam allowances.  You need to use smaller stitches as well if you are doing needle-turn.  The rest of the centre I did with the red all one piece, and then just added the gold melon shapes over top.

You can find the pattern on the Legend and Lace website, as a free download.

Now on the subject of my Website.  I have had a few problems, and I did not even know it.  If you are a new customer, and you have been trying to register (which you have to do to get these patterns) it has been asking you go enter a code....code?  what code?  I did not know anything about a code!  I thought my new customers were going a little whacky, until I looked myself and saw this new box.  It is a new security feature added by the Cube Cart people who run the design of the basic site.  I tried to fix it myself, and could not work it out so sent an SOS to my lovely website lady, Christine Abela, of Gecko Gully, who fixed it in a flash.  Thanks Christine....I love you xx.

Then today, when I was adding the new block for the Past Reflections, I found that it would not show a "thumb" (a little picture) on the home page.  It is listed, but no photo.  Another new "feature" I bet, as I have done absolutely nothing different than every other time I have added these patterns.  Might have to ask a new favour.  Bear with it a while.

Other things happening......I am up to the binding on the Return to Paradise quilt.  It has been a long run.  I can not send you a whole photo, as I have entered into a judged show, and they are getting really snitchy about "publishing" photos before the event.  So again, I can show you some little shots.

A couple of nice surprises this last week as well.   I am "cover girl" on Australian Patchwork and Quilting magazine, with my Rolling Stones quilt titled Summertime.  I knew it was in the magazine, but I did not know it was on the front cover.  Lovely surprise
The other nice thing was from Quilters Companion magazine.  They included my "Bling Bling Baltimore" in their latest "Book-a-zine"  Scrap Quilts.

If you want to buy the book, and see the quilt "in the flesh" it is hanging up at Hettie's Patch, Port Rd, Hindmarsh.  Don;t forget about my twice monthly hand works groups at Hettie's as well.

On the home front, I have had my Brother in Law, Peter staying with us this week.  At the ripe old age of 67 he has just finished his law degree, after a long career in the Police Force.  He has now started on his PHD....something to do before his life is over :-))  and has had to spend a week meeting with people and attending lectures at Adelaide University.  We had the 3 brothers together for dinner the other night.  A rare occasion.
 This is the sort of performance you get when you ask them all to "smile"....they pull silly faces!  Peter on the left, John (DH) in the centre and Richard on the right.  They never grow up!