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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Feathered Star - Part 2

Also on my sewing day I got a bit of work done on the Feathered Star.  As my DH John is away for a few days, I did not have to make real food last night, so got a bit more hand piecing done, before my eyes refused to co-operate.

Next step is the make up 4 of the yellow/blue segment with the points and 4 without the points.  Place a black triangle on either side of the smaller segments.  Stitch in place.  Use the same method as before.  Pin in place, and stich along to the first seam only.  do a backstitch then slup the needle under the seam and come out the other side.  Keep on sewing to the next seam, then to the end of the row.

The block will start coming together when you place one of these segements on either side of the centre.
Next part is to add the other two sides and stitch in place.
Almost done!  You can see how the final 4 pieces fit into place in the corners.  You can add the background fabrics now, before you put all the pieces together, or later once the star is complete.

See all those liittle corners ad odd bits that stick out - don't bother with those until later.  You can trim them up after you finish the block and press it.  I don't usually press until the whole thing is finished, but I did for those photos.  I will then how you how to press all the the bits in the right direction.

part 3 to come!

Cherry Tree quilt - Block 5

I was lucky enough to have a sewing day yesterday with a group or friend.  Good company, food, discussion and encouragement.  Got block number 5 done on this project.  Only 20 more to go!!

Cherry Tree blocks from Michelle

I made a new friend from the USA, Michelle Barnes, who is also working on the Cherry Tree quilt.  She sent me some photos.  you will see how different all these quilts will be in the end.  I find it worrying when a lot of people choose to do a project - you think there are going to be heaps of identical quilts.  Not so - you will see Michelle's blocks are very different to mine in colour and fabric choice.  Lovely blocks Michelle! 
See how Michelle has put in the extra leaf on this block

Friday, February 26, 2010

Hand Piecing Feathered Star

A number of people have remarked on my hand piecing - how I choose the colours, and the speed with which I get things done.  I am now working on the final block of my 4 block class sample, so thought I would show how it is is done.

I choose my main fabric - the big print, and what I want to go with it.  Nice and bright!
I mark the shapes onto the template plastic with a Sharpie, and cut them out accurately.  The green Artline Pen is washable, and exccellent for marking shapes onto fabric backs. It comes out!
These are my $3 Ikea scissors - use them for everything.  I roughly cut around the shapes, eyeballing the 1/4".  I trim that all off later
Lay out the pieces in front of me so I can see what I want to do.  I am piecing continuously, working in a zig zag fashion along the seams until all are joined.  Start at the bottom RH side where the first triangle is joined.
Pin one corner to the marking line only, do two tiny backstitches at the start of the row and off you go
The running stitch is continuous - I just fold it along the needle.
Stop at the top RH side of the work and bring in your next triangle - the blue one. Do a couple of backstitches
Then start stitching along the straight line  where they join
Bring the thread out to the right side of the work and join in the next piece - two more back stitches to start and finish
You can see the pattern start to develop, and this is done with just one thread, no knotting off and no restarting
I keep my picture handy so I can see where I am going with it.  In this case I will make 4 of these units and 4 of the small ones without the points, and piecing them continuously around the dark larger triangles.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Circuit Rider's Quilt - Block of the Month

I love the simplicity of this applique project so much, that I have decided to make the blocks myself, and offer it as a Block of the Month of my website.  I bought heaps of the background fabric, and will be using assorted reproduction fabrics - mainly greens, reds and golds. 

This is my first block.  It is called Spring Glory.  We will have one a month for the next 12 months, and after that - well who knows?  If I get enough people interested, then I will keep going with it.
The Blocks are 12" finished.  You will get the background fabric, and enough print to make the block in similar fabrics as shown.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Cherry Tree - block 4

Before going to bed tonight I was determined to finish this 4 th block in the series.  Number 5 is now available, and I have a few other things I want to get done.  Now it is finished I can move on.
It is suppose to be a red block, but turned out very red/yellow looking.  I am happy with that effect really.  I suppose it suits my personality. 

Have you ever been to one of those management training sessions where they work out personality types by asking questions about how you would handle certain situations?  They then allocate a colour or name to you according to your answers.  Well, strangely enough, last time I did this (have done many over the years) I was a red/yellow person.  I could have told the leader that, and save the company all that money!

Hope you like my Cherry Tree!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Australian Patchwork and Quilting Magazine

This is the front cover of the current issue of AP&Q Vol 18 No 11. 

The pattern for my quilt "Running around in Circles" starts on page 34.  I made this quilt a few years ago from just the fabrics I had on hand, then bought the poison green for the background.  It is hand pieced and hand quilted.  The editor was looking for things for the hand piecing issue, and I sent this one in.  The block is called Ceasar's Crown - a very traditional block, and great for hand piecing because of the curves in it.  I can remember carrying it around in little plastic bags when I went on travels.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

New Books

I have decided to lash out and try something new with my website.  I am now going to stock books.  To start with I have only listed 2 books - the Circuit Rider's Quilt book, and When the Cold Wind Blows.  Both of these books have beautiful applique, which I love. Published by Kansas City Star. This is where they are listed Legend and Lace - Books

This book I already owned and had started making the mini baskets called Trick or Treat.  you will see some of the photos on a previous Blog if you do a search.

My plan with this book is to offer it as a Block of the Month later in the year.  Buy the book, and subscribe to 12 months of fabric packs to complete the blocks.  That means I will have to make them myself to show the blocks off, and that is not such a bad idea.  Yes, I also have to buy fabric, so I am holding off on that one until my current block of the month  Stars in My Eyes starts to take off 
If the punt with these two books is successful, then I will find some more good quality books to list.