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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Feathered Star - Part 2

Also on my sewing day I got a bit of work done on the Feathered Star.  As my DH John is away for a few days, I did not have to make real food last night, so got a bit more hand piecing done, before my eyes refused to co-operate.

Next step is the make up 4 of the yellow/blue segment with the points and 4 without the points.  Place a black triangle on either side of the smaller segments.  Stitch in place.  Use the same method as before.  Pin in place, and stich along to the first seam only.  do a backstitch then slup the needle under the seam and come out the other side.  Keep on sewing to the next seam, then to the end of the row.

The block will start coming together when you place one of these segements on either side of the centre.
Next part is to add the other two sides and stitch in place.
Almost done!  You can see how the final 4 pieces fit into place in the corners.  You can add the background fabrics now, before you put all the pieces together, or later once the star is complete.

See all those liittle corners ad odd bits that stick out - don't bother with those until later.  You can trim them up after you finish the block and press it.  I don't usually press until the whole thing is finished, but I did for those photos.  I will then how you how to press all the the bits in the right direction.

part 3 to come!

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