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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Off to Retreat

On Friday I am off to a quilters retreat with the Southern Belles quilter's group.  There are around 25 people heading off to Mannum in the South Australian Riverland.  We get back later on Sunday, staying at the Mannum Motel/Country Club.  I am so looking forward to a bit or R & R, and some serious stitching time.  Today I started to organise what I am taking, sewing that is

I got the next 8 blocks of the Antique Sampler to work on.  These are all ready to sew together, then applique in place.

I would very much like to get the next block done from Sentimental Stitches, Beyond the Cherry Tree.  All the fabrics are chosen, just have to put them in place.  Does not look terribly interesting like this, but it will when all the bits are added.
Mustn't forget the red and white quilt!  I really thought this was all I would do on the weekend, but there are times when you don;t want to sit at the sewing machine anymore, and just need some quiet hand sewing or ......knitting!   Yes, I am a quilter, but I am knitter too, and love beautiful wools.

 I made these socks last week for a special friend.  No names, as they are a surprise, and she might read this.  Don;t you just love the colours!

I bought some more wool from Morris and Sons.  My granddaughter, Skylar, saw me knitting socks, and wanted to know if I was making some for her as well.  Yes, I guess I am, and the purple/orange/teal is for me.  Sock knitting is a bit addictive - a bit like quilting - and I will be taking some with me this weekend for the bus ride.  You can knit where you can not sew!  Another great site for wools is Yarnbow.  They are currently having a "Summer Sale" which is just fine for us in the Southern hemisphere, 'cause we are having winter and want to knit.  Great service from both these shops.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Busy couple of weeks

When I gave up work I thought I would have more time for myself.  Wrong!  All the retired people told me this, but I thought they were just not organised :-)  I am so busy this week, and really until the end of August.

This week I had to do double duties, as I am heading to Sydney for the Quilt show, and have no free days before I go or when I get back.  So everything I would have done leisurely next week, is all crammed into this week.

On Friday,  Penny and I are having a "finishing off" day.  Anyone who has done a workshop with us, and wants to get the quilt finished, can come along and join us for the day.  Strike out Friday!  Good part is that I don;t have to write notes.

Saturday we have a Trunk Show at Tanunda, in the Barossa Valley.  All the girls want to do our workshops so I have just printed, cut and packaged 27 kits!..  It takes ages.
The Antique Sampler BOM is also due by the end of the week - might as well cut those as well!

When I get back on the 24th, my flight arrives home about 9pm, next morning I have a class at Patchwork by Sea at Brighton.  Well, better gets those class notes done while I think if it, eh? 

I might be able to take it easy for the rest of the day now, and catch up on a bit of of hand sewing.  I have fallen behind with my own blocks for the Antique Sampler, so perhaps I can pack that for my travel sewing.

Must be cup of tea time.....

Oh yeah, forgot, I have two online shop orders to fill.  Must not forget those....

By the way,  I am going to be at the Sydney show doing my white gloves duty on Wednesday 22nd, from 11 am to 1pm.  Anyone in the area, please come and say hello to me.  I will have my badge on.  Love to meet other quilters.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Sampler quilt, red and white and Maltaville - Big Week

My sampler quilt - Pieces of the Past - it is all finished!  After the quilting and binding I washed the quilt in the washing machine, on gentle cycle, then blocked it.  I use to fret about making wobbly quilts, after I saw one of my earliest quilts hanging in a show.  I was so embarrassed about how wobbly it was.  Now I don't worry - since I found out about blocking.

While the quilt is still quite wet, I lay it on a sheet on the carpet.  Down on my hands and knees, I move about the quilt and pin it along the edge, with straight pins, into the carpet.  I pull it, and pat it, and smooth it until it is nice and smooth, and flat, and square and keep re-pinning.  Leave it there for a couple of days, with the ceiling fan on in the summer, or a blow heater in the winter.  Hey presto!  you take it up and there is your square flat quilt.  It always works, even on really bad quilts.

I took some close up shots of the quilting.  In the border I used a Baptist Fan template.  These lines are 1" apart.  I would like them to be closer, but I ran out of time.

In the sashing I did a little template - think it is called egg and dart.  Fitted in - that is all that matters.

I got a few of the red and white blocks done.  They are not quick to make and as I am using lots of different fabrics, it is not even worth trying to cut up heaps and just string piece them.  As I make them, I am finding easier ways to do it, including the quick method for Flyer Geese.. These blocks are suppose to be 8" finished, but they are coming out at 7 3/4" - every one of them.  Guess if they are all the same then it does not matter.
Finally with the quilting done on the other quilt, I have room to work on the Maltaville blocks from Quiltstation.

So far there have been 16 blocks released, and I have managed to do 12, which is not too bad.  I can catch up.  Must admit that it has been the easier ones I have done first.  The flower block in the centre, has a bird missing.  I was looking for a bird to Broderie Perse, but can't find one small enough.  So I had better just practice my applique skills.