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Monday, November 30, 2009

Curved Piecing by hand

Curved piecing can give some people a bit of a scare.  The way I do it works very well for me.  I mark the template shapes onto the back of the fabric, and cut around the shapes 1/4".  I just "eye ball" the 1/4", but you might like tomeasure it accurately.  I then mark the seam in halves, then halves again.  You can finger press the marks or pin mark them.

I then line up all the marks and place the pins in these spots, including the ends of the templates

I put two backstitches and a figure 8 knot at the beginning of the seam, and do running stitches from point to point.  The bigger curve is on the top.  I check front and back to make sure my stitches are on the back line, and adjust where necessary.  A backstitch after 5 or 6 stitches helps keep the seam stable.

At the end of the stitching I do another 2 little back stitches, and a figure 8 knot.  Do not stitch into the seam line.  Start and finish at the end of the template markings.  Press the seam with the small curve onto the top.

The curve is now complete.  The sample is finger pressed, but you can see how well it sits.  You can now iron it with the small curve on top.

Good luck with your pinwheels, fans and Drunkards Paths!

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Little sister applique

I thought I had better get back to the Little Sister quilt.  I have been a bit sidetracked lately with other projects, and this got left aside.  If I don't do a little bit from time to time, then it will not happen.

I have started on the applique around the edges of the sunburst and feathers.  Two sides are done, and I have to make new drawings for the two opposite sides now.

There is another flower on the RHS of the main motif.  I still have to get 8 or 10 of the little sunburst finished.  They go between the legs of the fans.

Monday, November 23, 2009

New Project

I have started a new 4 block quilt.  The blocks are very traditional and handpieced - 18" each.  I am using my scraps, and a tea dyed toile I found in the back of my drawer.  The first blocks is a pinwheel.

Sunday, November 22, 2009


Last week we had the hottest November on record.  On Thursday it was 43C - that is the sort of weather we usually get in January or February - not November, when it is still Spring.

The garden took a battering, but not the Hollyhocks - they seem to thrive on the heat.  I tried for years to grown them from seeds that I picked up and it was a waste of time.  Then I realised that they actually do not need nurturing.  I throw the seeds around, scrape them in a bit, don't water them, let them get accidentally rained on - and see what happens.

They are growing so large and close together we can hardly get down the path

John was so worried about his vegetable garden in the heat, espeically his precious tomatoes.  He build this very exotic shade arrangement.  I helped hold the poles in the blistering heat.  He put the cover on it, and you know what happened?  The next day the cool change and the rain came.  Anyway, it is ready to go when we need it again.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Trunk Show

Last night Penny Vanderwal from PennyLane Patchwork, and I did our first Trunk Show.  This was held at Karen Bennett's shop - the Sewing Sanctuary - at Aldinga Beach, in South Australia. http://www.kitsnpieces.com.au/

Karen sent out 50 invitations and they all turned up!  Amazing!  We had a drop of champers to calm the nerves and a few nibblies to keep us from getting drunk. 

It was a great success.  We had wonderful feedback, and got to meet heaps of new quilting ladies who love to get inspired by other quilters.

We plan to do this more often.  So, anyone reading this, if you want us to come to your quilting group or Guild, please email me and we can make some plans at Wendy@legendandlace.com, or visit the website http://www.legendandlace.com/
Penny on the left, Wendy right

Monday, November 16, 2009

Round Robin

I have just completed an International Mini Round Robin with girls from the USA, France, and Australia.  The centre is 6" and the rounds are 3" each.  The rules were first round to have triangles, second round stars, and third round applique.  This is the wonderful completed quilt top I recived back.  Beautiful! 

the next one belongs to Val in France.  I did the final border.  The next one down belongs to Marj in Sydney.  The stars were my addition.  The final photos is of Sheri's quilt just as it started.  I put the first round onto her centre piece.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Adelaide Quilt Show 2009

Irene's Dancing Dollies quilt was a big hit! Not only did she win first place in the Professional Traditional categery, but got an extra award - "Retaining the Tradition".

Irene has produced the pattern for this quilt. You can buy it directly from Irene Carrig by contacting her on 0419846930. It is also available from Legend and Lace Website. The cost is $24.95 plus postage.
Kim's Star quilt looks fabulous! This is a collection of Ohio Star blocks that were exchanged with our Sew Janes Group. I managed to find 4 of my blocks there. Kim won a Second prize in the Group Quilt category.

this is my Pom Pom tree quilt. I won a judges commendation in the Sydney Quilt show in June, but nothing this time :-( Too much competition.

The Adelaide Quilt show is on this week. I entered 2 quilts this year. the Feathered World Without End hangs really well, considering I had to wash it twice to get the marking lines out.