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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

New Scrap Quilt

I have no idea what this block is called.  I saw it in a magazine? book? some place.....and thought I could make this using scraps of fabrics.  I used 30  12" squares of each fabric, and cut it up to get enough to make a quilt top.  If it turns out ok, I will make up a kit with the pattern.

This is the pile of old, old fabrics, all cut and ready to go.  I chose dark, medium and lights to give a good contrast

This is the first set of 4 blocks made.  I will set them like this - alternating light and dark outers.

Snowflake Quilt

I decided to go with the striped border.  Can't resist a stripe or one way design.  I always buy them if I see them on sale. 

Monday, September 27, 2010

Beyond the Cherry Trees - Block 12

I have managed to keep up with all my committments this month, including the latest Cherry Tree Block.  It was a bit more difficult than some of the previous blocks.  So many little fingers, and ins and outs!  I got very good at those curves by the time I have finished the 20th (or what ever it was) oak leaf or flower.  So, we are just about half way done with the blocks.  I could stip now, and have something really nice to make into a quilt top, but can't wait to see what is to come!

 The first few bits on fabric placed on the front of the fabric - it looks nothing like the finished result.  Takes a while to get the idea of what is happening.  When I am teach applique th students take a while to catch on to what is happening.

The picture is all drawn on the back of the fabric.  I think you can see where some pieces are tacked in place.

Snowflake quilt top

I am desperate to use up my fabrics!  I have so much, and decided that I need to make some scrappy, easy cutting quilts.  The first one is the Snowflake, or Album Cross quilt.  

 All the blocks are finished and I sashed it with this lovely blue fabric, with a red print.  After it was done I started to think it looked awfully familiar to me.  Guess what!  My mind had remembered it from this book.

One of my favourite books for inspiration.

Now for the final border - I think I like the stripe best, but the brown, with teal and red goes with it as well.  I think I will play with it a bit more.

Now I need more inspration  -   maybe a Chinese Coin??

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Quilts for Sale!

I had a visit from my cousin Rhonda yesterday.  She was over from Sydney with her husband Philip who had to attend a business meeting.  Rhonda is just starting to quilt, so I got out my bags (yes BAGS) of quilts to show her.  She asked me what I do with them.  Well, I just "have them"!  Some do go on the Trunk Show with Penny and me, but most just hang about the house.  She told me I should sell them.  No, not possible! 

Last night I was talking with DH John about it, he said why don;t you sell some?  I looked through and found some that I was not sentimentally attached to, and have listed them on my website.  All these quilts have been published in Austrlaian Patchwork and Quilting Magazine or Patchwork and Stitching.

This is the first lot to be listed.

Should anyone have any quilts they want to sell,  please get in touch with me about listing them, and we can talk about cost etc. 

First of the Spring Garden

I wait all year for the first of the Ranunculus and Pansies to appear.  They are all a bit late this year as it has been so cold.  Now, with a bit of sunshine after all the rain, it should all start happening.  I got a few photos today, and will add more when they appear.
Pansies peeking out of the weedsthis is the first Ranunculus
The sweet peas are back but not as good as previous years.  Bit more sunshine please!

The Jasmine is just outside the back door, so I get a heady whiff of perfume when I walk out in the morning.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Cover Girl!

My quilt is on the front cover of the Australian Country Craft and Decorating magazine.  I knew it was going to be in the magazine this month, but I was not aware it was going to be on the cover.  Very exciting!  I was strolling through the newsagents shop when I saw it.

This is a quilt I started making from a book on Medallion Quilts, and I only got as far as the first two rounds, and put it aside.

 The Churn Dash blocks were gifts from members of the ReproFabricLovers group on Yahoo.  I had just enough to make the next round.  Then I found 4 basket blocks that did not have a home - ok - so they looked good in the corners.  What next?  Ok, yes that collection of Ohio Stars that we swapped over 12 months with the SewJanes group.  I had heaps and heaps of them.  I used those, plus some left over Puss inthe Corner blocks, and some Nine patch blocks from years ago swaps.

Before I knew it, this quilt had grown really big.  At the same time I was playing with this, the editor of the magazine emailed asking for ideas for upcoming projects.  I sent her a photo, long before it was finished, and she took it straight away.