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Sunday, September 5, 2010

Cover Girl!

My quilt is on the front cover of the Australian Country Craft and Decorating magazine.  I knew it was going to be in the magazine this month, but I was not aware it was going to be on the cover.  Very exciting!  I was strolling through the newsagents shop when I saw it.

This is a quilt I started making from a book on Medallion Quilts, and I only got as far as the first two rounds, and put it aside.

 The Churn Dash blocks were gifts from members of the ReproFabricLovers group on Yahoo.  I had just enough to make the next round.  Then I found 4 basket blocks that did not have a home - ok - so they looked good in the corners.  What next?  Ok, yes that collection of Ohio Stars that we swapped over 12 months with the SewJanes group.  I had heaps and heaps of them.  I used those, plus some left over Puss inthe Corner blocks, and some Nine patch blocks from years ago swaps.

Before I knew it, this quilt had grown really big.  At the same time I was playing with this, the editor of the magazine emailed asking for ideas for upcoming projects.  I sent her a photo, long before it was finished, and she took it straight away.


  1. Wendy, congratulations again on this achievement. I am sure with your talent you will be a "cover girl" again. Very pretty quilt.

    Pat in Texas

  2. I can see why your quilt is on the cover of the magazine. You can be proud as can be of that accomplishment!

  3. You certainly deserve the cover; what a beauty!

  4. Congrats on being a "cover girl" That is exciting! Enjoy your moment, it looks like it's well deserved.

  5. Wendy, congrats from another Wendy. :) I just found your blog... your work is absolutely beautiful.