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Friday, May 27, 2011

Red and White Quilt

After all the turmoil of the last few weeks, it was so nice to move my machine back to where it belongs, and actually use it.  This is my new project - red and white - inspired by the Red and White exhibition in New York recently.

This block has lots of names - Devils Claw, Turkey Tracks, Botch Handle, Crows feet.  Not sure what I will call mine.  They are 8" finished, and I think they are going to be one of those blocks that are not going to turn out so perfect, with the tricky piecing.

I saw the quilt pictured on the front of Betsy Chutchian's book, Gone to Texas

It is called Crowfoot in this book, and has a slightly different piecing in the centre. Don't you like the way the blocks different set on point or square?  Not sure where I will go with that yet.
Then I saw it in the book Home on the Plains.  I don't have an image of the inside of the book, as I do not own it (but I am going to!) but you can click on Pickledish store and have a look at the pages.

Finally, this week I received this book in the post - all the way from Rochester, NY, from my friend Ava.  The quilt was actually owned by her friend, and made by the friend's mother and grandmother.  Wow!

This made up my mind!  I have two boxes of red fabrics to choose from, and I found a heap - (I mean yards and yards), of white shirting with a tiny red print,  in my clean up.  I bought it for another project and it did not happen.

So my reds will get an airing, and i will feel like I have achieved something this week.  I printed my pattern on Block Base where you will find it called Botch Handle.  I made the blocks 8", but in some of the patterns I have seen it is quite large.  The one in the books above are 11".

I might even make two of these, the red one 8" and a multi-coloured quilt with larger blocks. 

Monday, May 23, 2011


Don't you just love it when something that you expect to take ages, is done in no time?  That is how my sewing room re-fit is happening.

this whole set of shelves is now empty, and moved to their new home

I have been making heaps of colours and putting them into the new boxes.  These fabrics came from boxes I had put aside for certain projects.  I still have the projects unfinished, but have stored them seperately.
 the top is now complete, with the sliding doors in place.  The doors will be painted, but I am moving in - can;t wait!
Trying to keep the colours together

this is where I left it today.  Gets a bit tiring after a while, but I love the look of it.  One set of drawers, and 2 book cases are empty.
Still have to tackle this corner, but in the words of Scarlet O'Hara, I will think about that tomorrow!  There is a new quilt I want to start, in assorted red and white.  I can;t start until this is all sorted.  That is my reward - a new project.

On a lighter side, I heard this squawking in my palm tree, and went out to find these parrots.  Don;t know what the variety is, but they were positively beautiful.  This time of year they come for the seeds in the trees.  When they flew away, there had been 4 of them hiding there.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

I love it when I get photos

Rosie did our Mystery Quilt and made my Hidden Stars quilt.  For the class I gave instructions for a 48" square quilt, with 4 16" stars plus a 4" border.  Rose made the quilt as per the class, then went home and finished all the parts, and added this border.  Looks great!  You can even pick out the "hidden star" right in the middle.  Great job Rosie, and thanks for the photo to share.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Mystery Quilt Days

Last Friday and Saturday Penny and I ran a Mystery Quilt Class.  Actually it was two classes - two different quilts.  Penny's was a set design, with chosen fabrics, mine was made from scraps - heaps of them.

Mystery quilt classes can be a bit stressful for the participants, and for the tutors.  The students do not have a photo or image to help them along, and the tutors do not know if they really have got the instructions correct, or if they have produced something that will be liked.  This was my first time at doing a mystery class - I was a bit nervous on the first day, but it all worked out well, and I had a bit more confidence on the second day.

At this point in time the girls are all working along happily, just following instructions, not know what they will get in the end.

We start to put the segments together, and reveal the block.  This is Laurena's version of a "scrap" quilt.  She brought along only 2 fabrics, and they looked fantastic!

This is the finished block - there are quite a few to go yet.

this is my finished quilt - I called it Hidden Stars   ......because there are quite a few hidden stars in there.
 Pam made a great choice of colours for her mystery.  Penny is showing it off with her.

Another version, with one of Jenni's stars
Jenni decided to make hers all a bit smaller - just to make us all think a bit more.

this is Penny's finished quilt.  Beautiful!

Should anyone be interested in coming to one of our workshops, please email me Wendy@legendandlace.com, and we will add your name to our mailing list.  The next workshop is likely to be a Christmas quilt, in about August or September.

Also, both these patterns are now available to purchase.  Email me for details

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

This did not take long

 So here we are with movable shelves in.  Amazing it has happened so quickly.  John is a real "handy man" and can not bare to have anyone do something he thinks he can do himself. 
There is so much space to fill.  The prospect of doing it is quite daunting. Above this top shelf, the cupboard will go right to the ceiling - another metre I think it is, and there will be more sliding doors.  This is where I will keep battings and other bulky, light weight stuff.
 The doors are on, and now is the task of filling the shelves.  Looks pretty good so far. 
Trying to keep the larger pieces of fabric on one spot, and in colour groups.  Not sure what will happen when I get to the smaller pieces and projects under way, as well as all the "shop" stuff.  I will probably resort to plastic baskets.

All this still has to be moved into new neat piles.  I can feel a garage sale coming on!

Saturday, May 7, 2011

It has started!

this hole in the wall is where my wonderful new wardrobe is going to be in the sewing room. It will be right along one wall, floor to ceiling.  My dear John is building it himself, but he well need to get the doors made by someone.

Two months ago I started looking at quotes for shutters on all my windows.  It has taken ages, but they were installed yesterday.  This is the sewing room window, which faces North, and I get all this wonderful winter sun.  I do not even have to turn the light on to sew!

I feel like I am in a tropical paradise - Singapore at the very least.  I love the look of this room.  It is so exciting to see this done, after so many years of doing very little except maintenance about the house.  The vines are wisteria, and in the the spring they hang down like bunches of grapes.  I can't stop admiring.

While the lovely young men were here, I could do nothing but sit and hand sew.   I am trying something different - using the backing fabric as the binding.  I know is an old style, but it occurred to me when I realised the backing on the quilt was quite compatible with the border.  This is my Mystery quilt for our class next Friday, and Saturday, so I can't show the whole thing.

It took a while for me to get my mind around the concept, but you make sure that you quilt right to the edge, leave 1/4" batting, then at least 1/2" of  the backing, turn under and under again onto the front of the quilt, and slip stitch in place.  I am taking the stitches very slightly into the back of the quilt to hold in all in place, and so far it looks ok.  This is great if you are in a hurry to finish something, and you have compatible fabrics.  
Once again, the machine quilting was done by Elaine, at Quilting in the Vines at McLarenVale

Thanks Elaine, for such a great job - so fast! (I know she pops in from time to time)

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Beyond the Cherry Tree

This was a lovely block to make.  Gave me the chance to use my lovely fabric that I got from Helene Juul in Denmark.  Helene is a quilter and quilt shop owner.  She is a member of our Yahoo group, and showed the fabric in a block she had made.  I was in love with the fabric from some time agao, and never thought I would see it again.  We did a deal - I got the fabric, and sent her some scraps for one of her projects, plus some Australian magazines.

There are 19 blocks made so far, and the quilt has 25, plus a large border.  \It is very tempting to stop at 20.  It is still a large quilt, as the blocks are 16 1/2" plus a big border.  The borders always kill me!  You think once you have all the blocks done - well that is finished!  but it is not, still the border to go.  Guess I will keep plodding along!