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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Mystery Quilt Days

Last Friday and Saturday Penny and I ran a Mystery Quilt Class.  Actually it was two classes - two different quilts.  Penny's was a set design, with chosen fabrics, mine was made from scraps - heaps of them.

Mystery quilt classes can be a bit stressful for the participants, and for the tutors.  The students do not have a photo or image to help them along, and the tutors do not know if they really have got the instructions correct, or if they have produced something that will be liked.  This was my first time at doing a mystery class - I was a bit nervous on the first day, but it all worked out well, and I had a bit more confidence on the second day.

At this point in time the girls are all working along happily, just following instructions, not know what they will get in the end.

We start to put the segments together, and reveal the block.  This is Laurena's version of a "scrap" quilt.  She brought along only 2 fabrics, and they looked fantastic!

This is the finished block - there are quite a few to go yet.

this is my finished quilt - I called it Hidden Stars   ......because there are quite a few hidden stars in there.
 Pam made a great choice of colours for her mystery.  Penny is showing it off with her.

Another version, with one of Jenni's stars
Jenni decided to make hers all a bit smaller - just to make us all think a bit more.

this is Penny's finished quilt.  Beautiful!

Should anyone be interested in coming to one of our workshops, please email me Wendy@legendandlace.com, and we will add your name to our mailing list.  The next workshop is likely to be a Christmas quilt, in about August or September.

Also, both these patterns are now available to purchase.  Email me for details


  1. I don't know how you could have been worried about your mystery quilt. It is so delicious. BTW, congratulations on a wonderful quilt in the latest copy of A Quilters Companion. It is a star!