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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Beyond the Cherry Tree

This was a lovely block to make.  Gave me the chance to use my lovely fabric that I got from Helene Juul in Denmark.  Helene is a quilter and quilt shop owner.  She is a member of our Yahoo group, and showed the fabric in a block she had made.  I was in love with the fabric from some time agao, and never thought I would see it again.  We did a deal - I got the fabric, and sent her some scraps for one of her projects, plus some Australian magazines.

There are 19 blocks made so far, and the quilt has 25, plus a large border.  \It is very tempting to stop at 20.  It is still a large quilt, as the blocks are 16 1/2" plus a big border.  The borders always kill me!  You think once you have all the blocks done - well that is finished!  but it is not, still the border to go.  Guess I will keep plodding along!


  1. I love your vase fabric. I just purchased some for the vases in upcoming blocks. (i'm way behind) I am surprised at how much 9 blocks weigh, it's going to be a big heavy quilt when done. What are you thinking for the quilting? I am pondering hand quilting but won't make the decision until I get there in a few years!

  2. Well done block. I like the fabric you used for the pot.

  3. Sharon - if I hand piece something, or hand applique, I always hand quilt it. It is a long way off - thankfully! Be sure to use a light weight batting, such as Quilters Dream or Thermore.

  4. Hi Wendy. So happy to see the fabric in use ... and so very good use here in your Beyond the Cherry Tree. Your "scraps" (wow, a lot of fabric) arrived today. I can certainly use those for my tumbling blocks. Now I will enjoy a cup of coffea and look through the magazines you also sent me. Thank you!