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Monday, May 23, 2011


Don't you just love it when something that you expect to take ages, is done in no time?  That is how my sewing room re-fit is happening.

this whole set of shelves is now empty, and moved to their new home

I have been making heaps of colours and putting them into the new boxes.  These fabrics came from boxes I had put aside for certain projects.  I still have the projects unfinished, but have stored them seperately.
 the top is now complete, with the sliding doors in place.  The doors will be painted, but I am moving in - can;t wait!
Trying to keep the colours together

this is where I left it today.  Gets a bit tiring after a while, but I love the look of it.  One set of drawers, and 2 book cases are empty.
Still have to tackle this corner, but in the words of Scarlet O'Hara, I will think about that tomorrow!  There is a new quilt I want to start, in assorted red and white.  I can;t start until this is all sorted.  That is my reward - a new project.

On a lighter side, I heard this squawking in my palm tree, and went out to find these parrots.  Don;t know what the variety is, but they were positively beautiful.  This time of year they come for the seeds in the trees.  When they flew away, there had been 4 of them hiding there.

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  1. I love your new sewing area. I must get organized myself!