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Monday, March 23, 2015

Yes, I have been quiet

I have spent all my sewing time concentrating on getting my Paradise quilt hand quilted.  Still sticking to the 2 hours a day when I can.  I suspect that I am about 2/3rd completed
So far I have worked around all the shapes, and done some work in the applique pieces, and now I am doing the echo quilting in the background.  It is very heavily quilted, and a large quilt.  I will be very happy when it is done!  I want to get on with some other applique projects.

In the mean time I have started a machine project. 
This photo on the  magazine cover has been on my "to do' list since I bought it about 10 years ago.  I just loved the yellow setting squares and the simplicity of it.  Then just a few weeks ago my friend Pat from Quilts and Other Hobbies showed a variable star quilt on Facebook, with yellow and pink backgrounds, and grey setting squares.   It is not on her blog, but there are other lovely things to look at.   I thought I could make a few blocks while looking for the right grey fabric.  Any suggestions?
So far I have made 8 with yellow background, and later today  am going to cut up a heap of pink for the backgrounds of some other stars.

Finally, I have block 6 of the Past Reflections Block of the Month ready for you.  It is a simple and elegant Rose Wreath.  If you have been collecting all these patterns so far, you will know how it is done.  But, if you are new here, this is how it is done.  You go to the Legend and Lace website, and create an account, put the block in your shopping basket, go to the checkout, and you do not pay, but complete the transaction.  An email is sent to you with the link to download the pattern.  You get 3 days, and 3 attempts to download it.  If something goes wrong, and you need it reset, just let me know and I will do that for you.

The hot weather has gone now, and we are settling into beautiful Autumn days.  Some of the trees have started to change colour, not no rain yet.  We NEED RAIN!  The gardens and nature strips are all brown and crunchy.
And something nice.  My little Granddaughter, Skylar, with her beloved "poppy" John.  She told her mother the other day that she was going to stay over at "Nanny and Poppy's house" every weekend now.  Not sure how that came about, or what I did to deserved it.