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Monday, March 14, 2011

Circuit Rider's Quilt - final 4 blocks - FINISHED!

I thought I only had 3 more of the these blocks to make, then I had another count up, and it was 4.  I have actually made one too many though.  I made 24 from the book, which is for our Block of the Month, and I made 7 that I drew myself.  I thought I had made only 6 extra, and would then have a quilt of 30 blocks, but I had to make the extra 1 from the book.  Anyway, they are all DONE!  plus an extra.  it is possible that I could make another 5 and have a square quilt set 6 x 6, but that is not my plan right now.

There are quite a few tulip style blocks in this quilt.

 And a few that look a bit like this

then you find this strange looking flower.  I had no intention of making this block, but ran out of options!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Little Sister's Quilt

I have not worked on this quilt, not one stitch, since last August.  I fell into a bit of hole with it as the placement of the birds and flowers is not really centred.  I did not realise it until I added the corner blocks.  No matter how much I moved these blocks about I could not get it right.

I think it is really more obvious in this photo.  I should have put the bird under the end of the feather, not under the sun.  Anyway, it is out now, and I will plow on with the final border.  Perhaps when it is finished I might add something else into that gap.

Makes you wonder how the original quilt maker was able to get her's just right, with the tools she had then, and I can't get it right!  This is the original quilt in the Smithsonian museum.

So, should I say that I WILL have this quilt finished for the Adelaide quilt show in November this year?  I can give it a go.