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Saturday, June 29, 2013

Mrs Vigor's quilt is out of the closet!

The final border is attached!  I did it yesterday.  The border has actually been pieced for a couple of months, but just did not get around to attaching.  I have had a cold the last couple of days, and did not feel like doing much, so put a DVD on (the Big Bang Theory) and stitched all afternoon.  Impossible to get it all in one photo now.

I know you like to have close-ups of the fabrics.  There are lots of oldies here, and a few newer ones.  I used only fabrics that I had in my cupboard, and scrap boxes - including the borders and background.  Penny had to give me a little extra of the green large border.  I had it in the cupboard, but not enough.

Now I have to get it basted and ready to hand quilt.  That might need another day to think about.

 Something new from Karen Kay Buckley - new medium sized scissors.  These are so new that Karen has not even got them on her own website.  I got these samples to have a play, and I think they are going to be my favourites.  I still love the little ones for applique, and the large ones for doing the bigger jobs, but these are just gorgeous.  Needless to say, I have ordered a box of them, and I hope to have them in time for the Adelaide Sewing, Stitches and Hand Craft show in July.  I have a stand for the event.  First time I have done anything like this.  Bit nervous.

I have enlisted the aid of my daughter Natalie,( who does not sew) plus a few of my buddies (who do sew!) to give me a hand over the 3 days. 

Lots of preparation is about to start.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Scrap Quilt workshop

It is a bit hard to get this quilt all in one photo.  You get both angles here.  So, finally the half square triangles are all stitched together.  All ready for our workshop on July 27th.

I am going through a bit of a zig zag phase in my quilting life.  Do you think it reflects my mental state?  Hope not.  I have put my triangles together in this way, but if you have a look at my earlier photos, you can see all the variations.  You can probably come up with a few more as well.

As well as the triangles, we have the Thousand Pyramids quilt which Mary has made all from strips of 5" fabric.  You can cut full across the width of the fabric, or use fat quarters.  The more fabrics you use, the scrappier it gets.  Just need to make sure you have plenty of contrast.

Time and place........Saturday 27th July, from 9.30am, Lutheran Church Hall, McLaren Vale, South Australia.  Cost for the day is $50, which includes your lunch, and morning and afternoon tea. 

Visiting South Australia?  Spend a day in the beautiful McLaren Vale wine region, and a day sewing with us.  Great plan!  Send the DH to the golf course.  He won't mind :-)

Please email me if you would like to book a spot.  We still have places.

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Where have I been?

These last 3 weeks I have been busy again.  It is winter here, and I don't like the cold weather.  We have had a few trips away from home, and some repairs done around the house, and finally I got time to work on my Rose Garden Block of the Month.  This is block 11 - a wonky looking Whig Rose.

Whig Rose

There is only one more block to go in this block of the month.  Usually by this stage I have worked out what I want for the next block, but my brain is in other places.  I expect I will find one fairly shortly.

The Whig Rose is on the Legend and Lace website now if you want to download it.  The price is $2.50 if you live in Australia,  and less if you live in another country.  Two reasons I don;t have to charge the 10% GST, and the Aussie $ has dropped value recently.

While it is winter I turn to my knitting.  I started this really scrappy kind of vest/wrap.  The idea is to buy 15 different yarns, different textures etc, break them up into smaller balls of between 1 and 3 metres (yards) throw them into a bag, and just use whatever yarn you pull out.

Inside showing joins of wool

Tie the knots on the back of the work and just keep going.  My combo of red and black is most appealing.  It is a bit hard to see, but I have started the shaping for the arms, and the front shaping is just adding a stitch at each end of every 4 row.  It will look better and make more sense when it is finished.  I have used sparkly yarns, boucle, home spun, angora, etc.

It is cold and flu season again.  My grand-daughter Skylar came to visit yesterday and she was not sick, but she was quiet, and made no mess at all.  Something is not right there!!  I asked her a few times if she was feeling ok, and she said she was.  This morning I got a call from my daughter to tell me she has woke up with a croopy kind of cough.  My DH John is in bed now (midday) and has been complaining of a sore throat.  Fingers crossed I don;t get it.  I have no time to be sick!!

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Pyramids or triangles?

What do you prefer?  Mary and I have one of each, and we are doing a workshop - yes another scrappy happy time.

 A thousand Pyramids using 5" strips of fabric

 How many different settings can you get with half square triangles?  zig zag?

We are having a scrappy workshop on 27th July at McLaren Vale Lutheran church hall.  If you are on my mailing list, you will get an invitation.  So, add your names at Legend and Lace, or email me Wendy@legendandlace.com to book your spot.

Our lovely Penny will not be with us this time.  Mary and I are doing it alone - scary - but   I think we can do it without making a mess of it.