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Saturday, June 29, 2013

Mrs Vigor's quilt is out of the closet!

The final border is attached!  I did it yesterday.  The border has actually been pieced for a couple of months, but just did not get around to attaching.  I have had a cold the last couple of days, and did not feel like doing much, so put a DVD on (the Big Bang Theory) and stitched all afternoon.  Impossible to get it all in one photo now.

I know you like to have close-ups of the fabrics.  There are lots of oldies here, and a few newer ones.  I used only fabrics that I had in my cupboard, and scrap boxes - including the borders and background.  Penny had to give me a little extra of the green large border.  I had it in the cupboard, but not enough.

Now I have to get it basted and ready to hand quilt.  That might need another day to think about.

 Something new from Karen Kay Buckley - new medium sized scissors.  These are so new that Karen has not even got them on her own website.  I got these samples to have a play, and I think they are going to be my favourites.  I still love the little ones for applique, and the large ones for doing the bigger jobs, but these are just gorgeous.  Needless to say, I have ordered a box of them, and I hope to have them in time for the Adelaide Sewing, Stitches and Hand Craft show in July.  I have a stand for the event.  First time I have done anything like this.  Bit nervous.

I have enlisted the aid of my daughter Natalie,( who does not sew) plus a few of my buddies (who do sew!) to give me a hand over the 3 days. 

Lots of preparation is about to start.


  1. Your quilt top is SO gorgeous! Just amazing!

  2. What a wonderful quilt top, I just love all that piecing and variety of fabrics!!! Spectacular!!!!! It's going to look great handquilted too, it'll be such a special piece!!!! Those scissors look great, just can't seem to resist them, always on the lookout for another beautiful cutting tool!
    Good luck in Adelaide and with your booth, you'll have a ball I bet, and be prepared to be tired at the end of the day, being on your feet, make sure you have a stool to sit when you can!!! Have a great time!!!!!

  3. What a beautiful Quilt. Love your fabrics. Will be lovely when hand quilted. :-)

  4. Hye, I love your fabric for this quilt. Your blog is very interesting. Kiss from france