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Friday, February 24, 2012

New Tricks

I am attempting to teach myself how to do machine applique.  Yes, I know, everyone can do it!  I have never learned, and I thought I would teach myself as it could come in handy some day.  I asked friends and got all their suggestions together.  this is what I have come up with.  It is not intended to be a tutorial, just my clumsy attempt.

First thing is the list of things you need - design, fabric, vlisofix, pen, iron, tear-away, bobbin-fill, top thread, sewing machine, scissors.

 First thing is to draw your design shapes on the back of the Vlisofix - that is the paper side, not the sticky side, then cut out leaving a little space around the shapes.

Iron the shapes sticky side down onto the back of your fabrics.  Cut out on the line that you have drawn, through all layers.

Peel the paper off the back of the pieces, and place them where you want them to go.  I put them onto the drawing first, and them lifted them over onto the background fabric.  I used a block from the Maltaville Album Quilt for my drawing.

You still have to allow for the parts that go under and over, so leave a little extra fabric if you have to do this.  the top of the stem here goes under the flower.  I put the bits where I wanted and ironed them in place.  Behind the background fabric I used something called "tearaway".  I bought the iron on one, as I thought it would be easier for me as a beginner.  Not even sure if I actually need this, so will try some more without it.  Ready to go!

Get out the little book that goes with the machine, and find out what stitches you can use.  Some people recommended zig zag, others satin stitch, all kinds of ideas.  I settled on buttonhole/blanket stitch.  And, wouldn't you know it, my machine, has two varieties of these.  One goes back and forward and makes a fat looking stitch, the other is just single.  I tried the fat stitch for the bottom of the flower, and it just took ages to do.  Impatient as I am, I flicked the switch on that, and used the single stitch.  Just have to be a bit careful where the needle falls - inside or outside the line - when you start to go around corners.  Also, use the "needle down" position if your machine has that.  It helps with the corners.

Got the whole thing done in under an hour - drawing, cutting, ironing, sewing.  I could be going over to the "dark side" here....

On the back, with the tearaway still there, it looks like this.  Can you see the part at the bottom of the flower where I started with with double stitch?  Rip that paper away, and press it again.

All done!  I used only one thread on this sample - a caramel coloured Rasant thead.  I have been given lots advice on threads, and I think I just have to experiment with it and see what i like.

So, my advice here today, is if you want to try something new, just give it a go.  Talk to other people, read books, get all the ideas together, and give it a whirl.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Star quilts

After I posted the other day about the books I received, and in particular the Star book, I received an email from Marge.  Marge is the maker of the little crib quilt I showed the picture of, and was quite excited that I had chosen this one to display for you.  I love that little quilt, and if given permission, will re-print here  Marge's comments about how she made the quilt.  The inspiration for the quilt was the book "Small Endearments" by Sandi Fox.

I have made a few little quilts out of this book, but must admit that I missed this little beauty.  I am now going to correct that oversight, and make one for myself.  It will not be identical, and I usually adjust the measurements to make it easier.  Marge tells me she went to great lengths to authentically recreate the quilt.

Another of my favourite books for inspiration is "Crib Quilts and other small wonders" by Woodard and Greenstein.  I have spent many hours pouring over the pages of this book, and have made (I think) 5 quilts from this book.  The very first quilt I made from this book is this dear little medallion.

 at the top of the page.  If you look very closely you can see where the maker chopped off bits of fabric and blocks to make the rows fit.  Love that!  I made mine very similar, but used more colours.
 When ever I show this quilt I point out where I made the rows fit by adding bits of fabric.  We all get so hung up these days on perfection, and this little quilts shows that we do not have to have it perfect to be captivating.

I think I might take these two books to bed with me tonight.  It has been ages since I had a good look.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Bird of Paradise

For fans of the Bird of Paradise quilt,  also known as The Civil War Brides quilt, there is now a book!  I received a supply of these today.  They are by Karen Mowery, and contain beautiful photos and full size patterns.  I will have them on my website a little later today, but I am keeping one for myself!
There is a whole blog devoted to this quilt, and a great following.  I plan not to get caught up in it, but it is almost irresistible.

There were a few other books in the box that I am a bit excited about. "History Repeated" by Betsy Chutchian and Carol Staehle, of the 19th Century Patchwork Divas, in Texas; "Confederates in the Cornfield", by Edie McGinnis;  and finally a favourite topic - "Stars!A Study of 19th Century Star Quilts"

this one I LOVE!  There is no pattern for this one, but I think I could work it out myself.  There are patterns for many other star quilts.  I think it is the colour first that attracted me, and the simplicity of it.   I will have to get some more of these books, so I get to keep one for myself!

Friday, February 3, 2012

Big Shirt

All finished!  I got to use the button hole gadget on the Bernina for the first time in 5 years, and also there is a stitch for sewing the buttons on.  Very clever!
 I have already chosen the fabrics for the next shirt.  More golds/browns/teals.  Might have to leave it for a while and get some of my hand quilting out of the way.

There are two quilts I have to have finished by early March - one machine quilted for a magazine, and one hand quilted for a retreat at which I am teaching.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

5 year project

I had a visit from my friend Marilyn today.  She is starting work on her UFO's and brought along the most pressing of these so we could baste it.
this quilt was started at the Quilt Encounter camp about 5 years ago.  We can not actually remember how many years it was or who the tutor was.  The design is called (I think) Grecian Keys.  If anyone can remember who the tutor was can you please let me know so i can acknowledge her. 

This top is about to be machine quilted, and needs to be completed in 10 days as a gift.  Don't you think it looks stunning!  It is So Marilyn!