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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Star quilts

After I posted the other day about the books I received, and in particular the Star book, I received an email from Marge.  Marge is the maker of the little crib quilt I showed the picture of, and was quite excited that I had chosen this one to display for you.  I love that little quilt, and if given permission, will re-print here  Marge's comments about how she made the quilt.  The inspiration for the quilt was the book "Small Endearments" by Sandi Fox.

I have made a few little quilts out of this book, but must admit that I missed this little beauty.  I am now going to correct that oversight, and make one for myself.  It will not be identical, and I usually adjust the measurements to make it easier.  Marge tells me she went to great lengths to authentically recreate the quilt.

Another of my favourite books for inspiration is "Crib Quilts and other small wonders" by Woodard and Greenstein.  I have spent many hours pouring over the pages of this book, and have made (I think) 5 quilts from this book.  The very first quilt I made from this book is this dear little medallion.

 at the top of the page.  If you look very closely you can see where the maker chopped off bits of fabric and blocks to make the rows fit.  Love that!  I made mine very similar, but used more colours.
 When ever I show this quilt I point out where I made the rows fit by adding bits of fabric.  We all get so hung up these days on perfection, and this little quilts shows that we do not have to have it perfect to be captivating.

I think I might take these two books to bed with me tonight.  It has been ages since I had a good look.


  1. sweeter than sweet, love from the french seaside, Will V

  2. These are two of my very favorite quilt books. So many *captivating* pieces!

  3. Oh thank you for sharing this! I have the first book but have not heard of the second one. I must check it out. I just love making baby quilts and I do love to make them in reproduction form.

    I agree that we caught up too much in perfection with our quilts and that doesn't allow us to enjoy the process as much sometimes.

  4. Love these books, too, Wendy! But then there aren't any quilt history books that I don't love! I agree there is Much Inspiration in the pages of your pictured books! I have seen the traveling exhibit of The Star Quilts made by AQSG members and it is absolutely wonderful! Even if I am too tired to sew, I can always look through books!

  5. I've heard these two books are very good publications! I love your version of the star quilt, great for lots of scraps, it looks wonderful!!!