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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

5 year project

I had a visit from my friend Marilyn today.  She is starting work on her UFO's and brought along the most pressing of these so we could baste it.
this quilt was started at the Quilt Encounter camp about 5 years ago.  We can not actually remember how many years it was or who the tutor was.  The design is called (I think) Grecian Keys.  If anyone can remember who the tutor was can you please let me know so i can acknowledge her. 

This top is about to be machine quilted, and needs to be completed in 10 days as a gift.  Don't you think it looks stunning!  It is So Marilyn!


  1. This is a great quilt, love how graphic it is. Good for her getting a UFO into a quilt. and I love your paisley shirt, i gravitate to paisley all the time!

  2. It is gorgeous, and the colors are fabulous! (Marilyn is fabulous, too.)

  3. Love the colours used in this quilt!! I am sure the new owners of this quilt will be more than happy!!!!

    1. If you look real close you will see that this quilt design is actually a log cabin block, with the fabrics arranged in a totally different format. This is what gives the special look to it.