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Thursday, June 14, 2012

We have hit the ton!

In the game of cricket, that means we have scored 100.  Legend and Lace blog now has over 100 followers!  Thank you all for taking an interest, and the time to make a comment from time to time.

I have a gift for you to celebrate. 

If you would like a set of Karen Kay Buckley new "Perfect Ovals" and "Perfect Stems", please leave a comment - tell me why you might like them - and they are yours.   I will have a draw on the 1st July, and whoever is drawn,  will receive them if you are a registered follower.  You can be anywhere in the world - I will post them to you.

Wendy  x

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Past Reflections

Formerly known as Circuit Rider, is now basted and I have already started the quilting.  This quilt is a mixture of block designs from the original Circuit Rider quilt, plus another heap from other traditional quilt designs.  There are 36 blocks in all.
I went to my quilting group on Friday with the top and the backing.  Started to clip the backing to the large table, and realised I had left my batting home, so had to hop back in the car and go home.  Just as well I don't live far away.   Finally got it underway and some of the girls there lent a hand.

this is Lyn - you may know her as Treadles and Treasures - lending a hand.

My plan is to quilt around each of theshapes of the blocks, and do some kind of motif where 4 blocks join, then something else in the background.  You can tell i have give it a lot of thought:-)

How about this as a backing fabric?  I went looking for a toile and they were all too expensive, and I love using pretty fabics on the back of my quilts, but hate paying top dollar for it.  This fabric is like a quilter's muslin, with red cross stitch design on it.  it was a bargain basement price, but it feels really nice.  Sometimes you find a cheap fabric for a backing and it is ok until you start with the hand quilting, and you find it is really tough.  Ok for machine quilting, but hard on the hands.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Cover Girl

What a lovely surprise in the post today!  Australian Patchwork and Quilting magazine, and guess what?  I am on the cover!  No that person is not me, the quilt is mine.  It is my little cot quilt called "Stars in my Eyes".  It is loosely based on the little antique cot quilt I showed back in February when I talked about Star Quilts.  I simplified the borders when I made this one.  When I made the original quilt I made all the borders just as they were on the original.
My D H went off and collected the mail this morning while I was cooking breakfast.  he brought back the magazine with the rest of mail.  I had to read it all right away, and check out all the pages.

What happened to breakfast?

It was suppose to be oat porridge :-(.  I burned it really badly, and did not realise it until I smelled it burning.  Haven't done that for ages.  I made some more but in the microwave - much safer.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Lemon tree - and the rest of the garden

After the encouragement I got when I showed you the little Lemon Tree quilt, I thought I had better find the "mother" quilt and see what stage I really am up to.

Good news!  All the main floral blocks are done - all 14 of them.  So that is good.  Tick!  There is one bird missing on one of the blocks, and most of the birds need some embroidery for their legs.

 There are 4 stars in the corners, and I have made 3.  Good news there as I thought I had only done one or two.  I made two on the machine, and one by hand.  I think the one I made by hand is the bottom one, and far nicer than the other two, so one more by hand.

 Looks like all 4 side baskets are done.  Don;t like these baskets.  The handles are to high, but they are done.  Tick!

3 and a half of the side floral pieces.  I will finish that 4th one today, then it looks like only 2 more to go after that.  Almost done.  There are 4 corner motifs as well, which are just flower heads, so that will not take much time.

Perhaps I should concentrate on getting these pieces finished.  This is the first antique quilt I attempted to recreate.  I painstakingly drew up all the blocks, from enlarged photo copies of the quilt, then when I was almost done I found that they are all on EQ!  How about that?  Not fare, but I probably value it more because of all the preliminary work I put into.  I went off it a little because of the fabrics I chose.  It is all in solids except for the bowls, and I have used Kona cotton, which has wonderful colours, but the fabric is very heavy.  I know I will end up with a very heavy quilt.  If may be difficult to hand quilt as well.

So there you are - one star to go, and 2 triangle border pieces, and 4 corners.  Piece of cake!

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Lemon Tree

I was asked to produce an applique project for a retreat - something that could be handled in a weekend, and finished at home.  I dutifully completed the applique, and the retreat was called off!  Darn!  The little piece has been sitting about waiting on the right moment to be completed.
Because it is hand appliqued, I figured I really should hand quilt it, and my machine quilting is not all that good.  However, it is assembled by machine, so I thought maybe I could do machine quilting on some of it.

All the layers are pinned together, and how is this for good luck, the quilt is about 40" square, and I managed to use just one width of backing fabric.  Must remember that in future when making little quilts, to try and keep them this size or less - saves heaps on fabric.

My plan is to machine quilt in the ditch, and use one of my favourite stencils for the borders, which means I don;t have to do free hand quilting, but use the walking foot instead.  Around the applique shapes I will hand quilt as there is no way that I could not make a mess of that if I tried free motion quilting.  Even with such a busy background, I am sure to make a mess of it.

In case you wonder where I get my ideas from ......well ......they are not my ideas. 

This is one my all-time favourite books on antique quilts, and I have made quite a few quilts from pictures seen here.  Look at the bottom RHS of the book cover.  Recognise anything?

Another confession - I have actually made every single block of this quilt on the cover, and I have given up as I don;t want to do the border half blocks.  I am thinking I will just get out one of my beautiful border prints that I have been hoarding for years and finish it.  Take the easy way out. I started it 7 years ago......time to give in, don;t you think?