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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Hexagon Flowers

I started to make the hexagon flowers.  The first lot I used papers that were 1" along the straight side.  I thought that would be the right size.  Well, it isn't.  I did the next lot at 3/4" and it looks much better.  Who would think 1/4" would make that much difference in the overall size?  Well it certainly does.  I will find another home for the two oversized flowers - may turn them into a pin cushion.  Good idea? 

here are the first 4 of the correct size along with the 2 that are too big.  I like the fabrics in the first two, so will use them again.  They are all 1800's reproduction fabrics. 

I have decided that it is much better fun to start something new, than it is to actually finish it.  That is my new plan - just do what I like, and maybe one day I will get it finished.  So, don't hold your breath on this one!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Am I this crazy?

 I got a link to the Chicago Quilt Festival and there were some outstanding antique quilts on show.  Amongst them was one they called a Masterpiece and I agree!  I am thinking of making it.  In fact I have already started.  It is made up of many hexagon flowers and stars, plus baskets.  I have made 2 hexagon flowers.

This photo from the Houston Quilt show last October, was shown in the French Magazine Quiltmania issue No.75.  I use to subscribe to this magazine once they started printing it in English, then I did not renew.  Sorry about that now.  It has always has beautiful photographs of beautiful quilts.

So now that I know the size of the quilt I can start working out the size of the various parts and the actual size of the hexagons and stars.

yes, I am crazy!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Trunk Show at Pinnaroo

On Thursday Penny Vanderwal picked me up at 7am for our long drive to Pinnaroo in the eastern part of the state.  It is almost to the Victorian border.  We had a booking for one of our Pieces from the Past Trunk shows.  We packed our "shops" and our kits for the workshops and off we went.  There were 14 ladies to greet us, and they were all lovely friendly and welcoming.  They don;t get many quilting teachers coming their way, so it was a treat for all of us. 

Penny did her pin cushion workshops, and I did applique.  We then had our Trunk Show, starting from easy one block quilts to more advanced applique quilts - about 25 quilts in total.  We leave them around for the day so that people can have a closer look and feel.

The ladies made us a great lunch!  Boy these country girls know how to cook!  And they gave us a bag of onions to take home.......

The workshops were held in a communtiy hall that doubles as a museum.  If you are ever travelling that way, pleaser stop in and say hello, and make a donation to the museum.  It is well worth the time.

We left about 3.45.  I was home by 6.30 and I guess Penny was home at 7 pm.  It was a long day.  I was worn out.

this is Penny with our "shop"

Workshop in progress

These are the lovely ladies of Pinnaroo

this is a SMALL part of the lunch they gave us!

Circuit Rider Quilt - Block 4 - Rosebud Wreath

I am really powering ahead with this Block of the Month project.  This block is not going to be distributed until the end of June, but thought I had better get it done while I had the time.  I love the swirly look of it.
Already I have drawn the next two blocks, but will keep them a secret for a little longer.  Hope those of you who have joined in are happy with the blocks so far.  I am choosing them randomly from the book, but trying to cover all styles and technical skills - some take more work than others.  With this one the centre circle I cut as one piece and appliqued it using the back basting method which I love.  Some people will prefer to cut a bias strip and do it that way.  See I have no seams - that makes it special!

I will have it on the website in a day or two.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Little Sister Quilt progress

I have been doing a little bit on the Little Sister quilt between other projects.  So far the centee is finished, 8 of the 16 4" stars and 2 of the 4 corner flower blocks.  The side applique is completed, and now I have to think about the border.  I have drawn the feathers, but just need to think about the placement.  It is a bit hard to get a full picture of the quilt as my house is so cluttered and it is a big quilt.  Don;t know how I will be when it is all finished and I am ready to wash and block.  Might have to borrow someone elses house!

None of the stars or corners are sewn in place, I have just placed them where they will be in order to get an idea of the final result.

I have been in touch with the Smithsonian Museum who own the original quilt, with a view to creating the pattern once I have finished.  I have not heard anything back from them, so don;t hold your breath if you are thinking of getting a copy for yourself.   My plan is to have it all completed for the Adelaide Quilt show in November this year.  I need deadlines, or it will just languish.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Quilt with no name yet

With me stuck at home and the sick hubby, I made a few more blocks on the quilt from the cover of the Quilters Newsletter magazine.  I would love a name for this quilt - so any ideas?

I have maded 10 blocks, and think that I will make 20 in total.  The original quilt has 25 blocks I think, and is a square quilt.  I prefer rectangle quilts, so will just make the 20 blocks.  Not sure about the setting yet, or if I will do the 4 patch border.  No doubt I will settle on something by the time I get to that point.

This is a great quilt for using up scraps.  Apart from the green and pinks, which I had to look hard for, I can just about use anything I put my hand on, and it works!

Just in case you have not seen the original quilt, this is it from the Quilters Newsletter Magazine.   Made by Linda Cordell Wilkey and her friends of the 19th Century Patchwork Divas, from Texas in the USA.  You can tell the different personalities of the block makers by looking at the way they arranged the flying geese for example.  Some are really scrappy - lots of different fabrics and others are planned and set 2 at a time.

I love the way the blocks sparkle against the dark blue background.  There is absolutely nothing (except the size) that I would change about this quilt.  I love it ti bits!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Beyond the Cherry Tree - Block 7

Amazing that we are already up to block 7 of this project.  I am on holidays from work, and managed to get this last block finished today.  We were suppose to go away for the week, and my husband, John, has taken ill with an unknown viral infection.  Have to stay home and keep him in bed.  Lots of time for me to catch up on some sewing I guess.  Maybe even the UFO pile might get a look over!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Meet some of my sewing friends

We had a sewing day at Vicky's place on Saturday.  Meet some of the girls on the day.
Left to Right - Deb , Vicky,  Rosemary , Sharon  and Irene.

Deb is working on tiny English Paper Pieced triangles, Vicky is doing the Civil War Brides quilt, Rosemary is doing Cherry Tree blocks and baskets, Sharon on paper pieced hexagons, and Irene on an appliqued quilt for her daughter who is a fashion designer.  It has dresses on it of course.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Circuit Rider's Quilt - 3rd block

I thought I would get this next block finished while I had no other committments.  We had a sewing day at Vicky's house yesterday, and it was the ideal time.  No interuptions, except coffee, cake, lots of talk etc.  I could not decided if the highlights on the flowers should be on top, or if they were reverse appliqued.  I did both!  reverse on the large flower and on the top for the small flower.

I will add it to my website Legend and Lace over the next couple of days for those who want to join the Block of the Month.  The fabrics will be similar - but may change each month according to what I have on hand.  They will all be good quality Reproduction style fabrics.

Remember, you have to buy the book, because of copyright issues, then the fabrics to make the block will be sent each month.  The book is $48.50 and the monthly BOM is $15.  There are 12 bocks in the series, then you can make more if you want to from the book.