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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Circuit Rider Quilt - Block 4 - Rosebud Wreath

I am really powering ahead with this Block of the Month project.  This block is not going to be distributed until the end of June, but thought I had better get it done while I had the time.  I love the swirly look of it.
Already I have drawn the next two blocks, but will keep them a secret for a little longer.  Hope those of you who have joined in are happy with the blocks so far.  I am choosing them randomly from the book, but trying to cover all styles and technical skills - some take more work than others.  With this one the centre circle I cut as one piece and appliqued it using the back basting method which I love.  Some people will prefer to cut a bias strip and do it that way.  See I have no seams - that makes it special!

I will have it on the website in a day or two.

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