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Friday, November 27, 2015

The birdy made me do it

Last week I resurrected an older project.  We all have this happen from time to time.  When we start we just love it to death, then something goes wrong, or you get side tracked, and it goes in the "too hard"basket for a while.  That is what happened with the bird.

I first saw the original of this quilt in the North Carolina Quilts book.  If you do not have this book, it is worth looking out for.  There are some stunning applique and pieced quilts.

 To me, there is something so elegant and peaceful about this bird in flight.  I loved it from the first sight of it.  I just knew I had some of that similar Column or Pillar type fabric, and my interest just grew from there.  It was made around 1830-50.  There is a story about the family in the book.  They are not actually sure which member of the  Brandon family made it.
In the book there is a close up if the bird in flight, and you can see the background quilting as well.  All the applique is done as blanket stitch, with very fine stitches.  You need a magnifying glass to see it in the photos.  I am doing mine as needle-turn.

The next challenge was to find suitable fabrics for the Broderie Perse floral motifs around the bird.  I have a box of BP type fabrics, but none were "just right" -  some were too big for the space, others had a dark background (which makes it hard to make the applique stitches invisible) some the wrong colour.  So......I had to buy some more fabric!

I ended up with this fabric.  it has small, medium and larger flowers, all that I can use, and isolate them to be cut out.  I already had this fabric with a blue background, but that would not do!  In case you want to find some for yourself it is Arabesque by Petra Prins and Nel Kooiman for Dutch Heritage.

The other really interesting part of this quilt is the array of borders.  There appear to be 4 borders in all.  I raided the stash for this!  I buy unique border fabrics whenever I see them.  Then they sit, for years sometimes, waiting for the right project.

I have no idea what I will be using on the borders yet, but just playing around. 

I am alternating between doing this applique, and quilting my Maltaville Album quilt.  Depends on the weather.  We are still getting some cool nights so, that is great weather for some quilting. 
You can not actually see the stitches, but I have quilted in the ditch next to the sashing, and now I have started going around the shapes........long way to go yet!

Friday, October 30, 2015

Towards the next finish

I was having a little tidy up in my sewing room this week (read that as trying to find space on the floor) and found my bag of Maltaville Album blocks.  I started making these blocks ages ago, from a pattern created by Margaret at Quiltstaion.  The original quilt is in the Smithsonian Museum.  I decided also that I was not going to make all the blocks, and stopped at 36,

I rifled through my stash of fabric, and found something for the sashing, and started cutting and sewing.

I have enough of the sashing material to use it on the cross length, then I can use a double width (two stripes) for the border.  I have never sashed an applique quilt before, but I have always loved the look of it.  The fabric  for the sashing was one I bought on sale *somewhere* and thought it would like nice in *something*.....well the time has come.

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Adjustable Ruler

Just when you thought you had seen every quilting gadget imaginable, Karen Kay Buckley, has brought out something new......a Perfect Adjustable Ruler.


I am not at all surprised about this, as it is a natural follow on from the Adjustable Square, with the same interlocking pieces.  One of my friends, who had bought the square, told me how she had used the pieces to take to an interstate retreat, when she needed a long ruler.  The conventional long ruler did not fit into her carry on luggage.
So, the rulers come in 3"wide and 6"wide and it locks together to make rulers 6", 12", 18"and 24".  All the pieces go into these beautiful little pouches, made from purple and green felt.

There is a Youtube video link that shows you how it works.  If you click HERE you can see it.

I put the same link into the Legend and Lace website but it refuses to work, so I am at a loss.

So far, I have sent a few of these off to some Australian quilting magazines for a "test run"but they are fresh off the plane.  Hopefully we will see some reviews soon.

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Almost a Mystery

The last couple of years my friend Mary Rothe and I have conducted a Melbourne Cup Mystery quilting day.  This year we are doing "Almost a Mystery".  You can see what we are making, but the way we make it is the mystery.  There is no foundation piecing, no special ruler, and no templates.

I have made mine in the red, with black and white prints, and Mary has used her collection of light and dark Kaffe fabrics.

Here are the details:-

Tuesday 3rd November
10am to 3pm
St Paul's Lutheran Church Hall, McLaren Vale, SA.

$65 for the day, which includes your class, lunch, and morning and afternoon tea.

Spot prizes, and give aways.

You can use a "layer cake"as long as you get the light and dark contrast, or you can use a scrappy collection of 10"squares, and you can use one main fabric (as I have done) plus 10"cuts across the width of the fabric.

If you would like your name to be on our mailing list, you can  add it by way of the "subscribe to our mailing list"box, just below the Facebook link on the Right hand side of this page.

Email me if you would like more information Willywd200@gmail.com.

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Past Reflections - Block 12

The final block of the Past Reflections group is now available.  If you go to the RHS of this page you will see the photo.  You just need to click onto the photo and it takes you to the link.  The photo is slightly different to the block pattern.  Very good reason for this. 

I started making these blocks from the Circuit Rider  book, and then decided I wanted some different ones, so found others that would fit in.  This block above, is one from the book.  I can not copy the drawing from the book, but I can make my own.  In reality, it is a very traditional block, and the blocks from that original quilt have been reproduced many times, but I made my own drawing for you.  Hope you like it.

Once you have completed all the blocks, you can trim them down to 12 1/2"and put sashing or blocks or what ever you want to make them into a usable size.  Or, like me, keep looking for more patterns that will fit into the quilt.

I am working on some ideas for next year, so will call off the free patterns for a short while.  Hopefully I will have some brain waves, and something will come to mind.

I now have two blocks made for my red and white sampler.  I really love doing these cut out block.  The fabric is Moda Bella solid.  I started using this as I had it in the cupboard for another project that never happened (does anyone else do that?!).  The fabric is surprising good for applique, as it turns under so well, and hardly frays. In the past I have used it as a background for the Past Reflections blocks, but never as a design fabric.  The colour range is excellent as well.
First of the Hollyhocks

Sweet peas on the print gate
Spring has sprung in my part of the world.  The garden is looking really pretty.  However, they have predicted quite high temperatures for next week, which may in fact burn off a lot of the spring flowers.  We never seem to be able to get it right.  With school holidays on now, we do want some warm weather for outings.  Next week we are going to the zoo!

Monday, September 21, 2015

Back from our travels

We have come home from our wonderful tour of Vietnam and Cambodia.  We had nearly 3 weeks away.  It was exhausting and enlightening.  The weather was hard going, with very high temperatures, and high humidity.

During the time away we celebrated my DH John's 70's birthday, and our wedding anniversary.  This photo was taken in Phnom Penh, in Cambodia. We visited the silver palace in the middle of the city.  This palace was a beautiful place, in the middle of a country once ruined by death and destruction.  the people are wonderfully resilient.  I am still worn out after a week at home, and hope it will pass soon.

We hit the ground running.  As soon as we got home we found that there had been a power cut and our refrigerator was now really stinky with mouldy food (the small amount in there) and the freezer had gone rotten.  No knowing how long it had been out......maybe a week......certainly long enough to make a real mess.  We are making a claim on our insurance.  I have cleaned it 3 times and can not get the smell out! 

Some of the beautiful images from Angkor Wat.  We climbed to the top.  I am still amazed at how I did it. 
Very unattractive "after"photo!

So now, I am back in the real world, and trying to get things back to normal.  I was away for the Royal Adelaide Show and had my daughter drop off my quilt for entry.  I found that I had won a second place.

I was not able to take a photo, but there is one here at Hettie's Patch

The best news this week is that my baskets and roses quilt is on the front cover of Australian Patchwork and Quilting magazine.  That was a nice surprise!  I knew it was coming up, but could not remember how soon.

I am trying to "take it easy" and just get some hand sewing done, working on the red and white cut outs

these blocks are smaller than the one I did previously.  These are about 13" square, and slightly less complex.  I am thinking of offering these as workshops, learning how to do reverse applique.  I am making  4 different designs using the "paper cut" technique.

This large one (I have made 2) are 24" square, and will be part of a large 9 block quilt.  Love this Moda Bella range for applique!  It just turns under so well, and does not fray.  They are great for travelling, as you only have to take the one piece with you, and one thread and needle.  Takes up little space.

There is one more block to go in Past Reflections, and hopefully I will get that done some time this week.  Keep an eye out.

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Past Reflections update

It seems like for ages since I sat down and wrote anything new or interesting.  I guess I have been bogged down with mundane every day stuff.  We have been working hard to get ready for a 3 weeks break, filling lots of Wholesale orders, and making sure I do not leave too much for my daughter to sort out.  I have even turned my website off....yes, you can do that.......

My last job before I leave is to get this block made for you.  It is on the right hand side of the screen, near the top.  You just need to click on the image, and it *should* take you to where you can print it off.  My website is starting to need major overhauls and lots of things are going wrong that I can not fix myself, so this is how I am doing it until something better comes along.

It has been a long cold dreary winter in Adelaide, and I am not the only one to complain.  Everyone is grizzling about it.  Hardly any sunshine, so it does make you wonder how the sweet peas managed to flower.
This is the very first for this year, and I took a similar photo last year, at about the same time so I guess Spring is not that far away.

This was a nice little surprise for me.  I entered my "Little Sisters" quilt into the Melbourne Quilt show in July.  I have been a member for a few years and this is my 3rd entry.  Surprise!  I won a ribbon.  Unfortunately I did not know about it until a friend sent me this photo, otherwise I might have gone across for the presentation.  There are some closer photos HERE.

I started this red and white applique block a few weeks ago.  The plan was to have it as my travel project.  I loved doing it so much, that I finished, and had to get another one started to be my travelling companion.  They are really big blocks  -  24" finished.  I thought it would be perfect for travel, as I only need to take the one piece, and one red thread and one (or two) needles.  Can't put it down!.

Thanks for taking the time to stop in today.  I will be back on deck after 14th September.  We are going to be away for DH special 0 birthday, our wedding anniversary, Fathers Day, and our granddaughters birthday.  So there will be lots of catch up.

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Applique update and other things.....

It has been a couple of weeks since  I posted here, and I am not really sure where the time has gone.  It has been busy, but finally I feel like I am catching up.

I have half way finished the machine quilting for the Ohio Star with zig zag setting.  I wrote about that last time.  I need to have it totally completed by 24th August, so have been spending 30 minutes here and there over the last couple of weeks. 
I just did some "in the ditch"machine quilting, and parallel lines along the zig zag part.  It is going off to a magazine, and it was kind of hard to explain how to do that, but hope it works out.  On that subject, I had an email from a lady the other day telling me that instructions for a quilt of mine in a magazine was wrong!  OMG!  I hate this.......I went and got out what I had written,  and it appears that the editors had changed what I wrote.  The lady had cut out the whole quilt!  Do you ever cut out the whole quilt before checking that one block is right?  I am really upset about it, as my name will be next to this error for many years to come.

This put me into a bit of sad spot for a few days, until I got a Facebook message from a friend congratulating me on my prize at the Melbourne Quilt show.  What prize???? was my reply.  Yes, I did enter a quilt, but no one "official" had been in touch (and still has not) to tell me I had won something.  I got a "runner up"in applique section apparently.......but have no idea if I actually won anything, and have not received my quilt back yet.   More on this story next time.

I decided to start a new applique project.  This is going to be my "traveling companion"for a while.  It is just red and white, which means I don;t have to take lots of different fabrics or threads.  Just one needle and one thread with the work.

I took some photos of the process.  I showed the photos of the original HERE
 I cut out the design, but folding the freezer paper into 8 parts
 I drew the design onto the back of the white background fabric and tacked in place

This is what the right side looks like when tacked in place
Cut away the fabric on the top, and turn under.  you clip the tacking, and remove it as you go
You can see here, that when you remove the tacking, the wholes are left and this helps you turn under easily.
When you come to a narrow piece like this,  you just slit down the middle and turn under
It just all stays in place until you are ready to turn it under
These are my tools.......straw needles and Auril thread

When you come to a tight spot like this you need to clip the inner curves
On the back you can check that I am keeping to the lines.  |My stitches look like little running stitches.  You can click on the pictures and get a closer look.
Here is one of the finished shapes.  I am really enjoying this one.  I love applique, and love doing this way with cut-outs.

If you are wondering......I am working on the next pattern for the Past Reflections.  Maybe over the coming weekend.  Stay tuned!