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Monday, October 8, 2018

A bit of detective work

A couple of weeks ago I found this photo on Pinterest, and it was love at first sight!
I traced the image to Barbara Brackman's blog, but after that it went cold.  I decided to make the quilt anyway based on the image, and just kind of "winging it".  I did put out a few questions on Facebook and here and Sylvia actually gave me a bit more information.  She directed me to another blog post, this time to countrythreads blog, and was able to tell me that the quilt is held by the Hampshire Cultural Trust in England.  I sent them an email, and crossed my fingers, and they answered me!

So here is some of the things they told me.  It is a cot quilt (guess we knew that) and the size is 83cm x 88cm (32.5"x 34.5") ...very little indeed.  The background fabric is cotton, and the red border, and the red applique is twill wool.  The other applique is done in cotton prints and all completed using herringbone stitch.   The shapes have been done with paper cutting (which I had already started) and the other squiggly bits, are all Broderie Perse!    The lovely lady (I think it is a lady) named Sam is going to dig out a few photos and send them to me. I can't wait for the that, so have already started making it myself.

So far, this is what I have done.  I wanted to make it all from fabric from my stash.  The background is linen, which I already had, and all the others, except the green print, I already had.  The green print was from my friend Penny, 'cause it was just the green I wanted, and it had a wiggly print. I love wiggly prints.  I had no idea what size it was,  so just used the width of the linen which was 54cm and cut the length the same.  Then I visually divided the centre into 3rds, and decided the size of the big stars would be 18"across.  All the other shape sizes worked in after I did the big star/flowers.
 I cut all the flowers out of freezer paper, and drew the designs on the back (for back-basting applique)

With the big star/flowers, I was able to attach the design fabrics by sewing on the sewing machine.  Works just the same, and much quicker to get started.
 now with the small pieces too, they are all folded into 8's, open up and draw the shape you want.
 Fold back again, cut out the shape through all the layers, and voila!  Lovely little flower shape.

This is the flower shape on the edge and centre of the quilt.  It is a little bigger in my cutting, as I want to do needle-turn and the original is wool, and that could be a little small because of the way it is appliqued,

So if you think you might like to have a go at making your own, this is how I started, just measuring and cutting.  The 4 leaf clovers are about 5"across, the ladies are about 9" high - all based on the idea that my background is 54"square.  If yours is smaller, then adjust the size accordingly.

Eventually I will make a pattern for it, but in the mean time I am happy to help you do it this way.  I bought some red linen for the border, and as yet I have no idea what I will put on the border.  Just waiting on those extra photos.   Hope they come.


  1. You are really trucking along on this. I love your fabric choices. I was digging through some old internet printouts over the weekend and found I had printed this one about a year ago as a "someday" project. Glad to see you are actually doing it! Thanks for sharing your progress.

  2. So good Wendy. You are really clever to do this. Look forward to seeing what else you do with it.

  3. I so enjoy reading about your progress and how you are taking this journey. Thank you for sharing...

  4. Your rendition is really darling!!

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