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Monday, September 30, 2013

Toowoomba Quilt Show and Carnival

This past week I have been staying with Penny in the beautiful Queensland city of Toowoomba.  The primary purpose of my visit was to attend the Toowoomba quilt show, and lend Penny a hand on her stand.  I was invited to be the Guest Artist for the exhibition, so that was the icing on the cake.  I got to sit around and quilt and talk to people all day.
I was surrounded by my quilts and did mini workshop/demos on hand quilting and applique.
The Toowoomba quilters put on a great exhibition, and these are some of their community quilts.
Sheila is the head of the organising committee, and did a fabulous job.  She was there every day for 7 days, plus the set and take down day.  Lots of hard work.  She also played great music - songs I remember - like the "Mama and the Papas".  Great Job!

You can see more photos of the exhibition on their Blog

I love poppies.  My grandfather use to grow them. Fond memories

As well as the quilt show, it was Carnival time.  I did escape from the quit show and visit some of the wonderful gardens.

One of the highlights of my visit was meeting the lovely and talented Robyn Ginn.  I have long admired her work, but never had the chance to talk with her.  Robyn is a member of the Toowoomba quilters, and was at the exo nearly every day.  She also had a private exhibition at a heritage building on the edge of town.

These are just a snippet of the quilts she has made.  Visit her website and you will see many more.  I came home all inspired to get cracking on a new project.  I just have to finish the quilting on one for the Adelaide Quilt show by the end of October.

Next time I go to Toowoomba it will probably be to teach!  I was approached by a couple of local shops owners, and guilds about teaching.  So, once I catch up at home, will start talking to these people about the future arrangements.  Very exciting!

Monday, September 16, 2013

Basket block

I knew this week that every minute would count.  At the end of the week, I am off to Toowoomba in Queensland, for the quilt show, and to visit with my friend Penny.  The next basket block is due, and I had to spend some time sitting around today, while I went with my husband to see his eye specialist.  I drew up the block last week, and cut out the template.  This morning I drew the templates onto the back of the fabrics, and cut them out to take with me.  I sat around for 2 hours while tests, and scans and consultation went on.  I finished just as we were paying the bill - WOW!!  2 hours.

Hope you like this little basket.  I called it Betty's Basket.  That was my dear mother's name, and she did not actually have a basket like this, but she always had a large bag over her arm, full of goodies.

The pattern is available to download on the Legend and Lace website.  Let me know if you have a problem.  You have the buy the block, even though there is no charge, and put it into you "shopping cart" and go through all the boring stuff.  When finished, you will get a link emailed to you.  From that link you can download the PDF pattern.