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Saturday, August 25, 2012

Spider's Web

For all those doubters, including myself, I managed to finish the Spider's Web quilt before the workshop on the 31st August.  I allocated one whole day to making the extra blocks I needed, and chosing and attaching the borders. Tick!  Then I had to decide if I had time to quilt it before the day.  So that was another day I allocated.  I told my family not to make any plans for me this last week - I was in "lock down".

So here it is - all 12 blocks completed, and borders on. I was thinking I would do the old fashioned kind of binding where you turn the back to the front, as I had used the same fabrics.  However, when I laid it on the floor like this, it looked a bit wobbly about the border.  One way to fix that is to put a proper binding on it.  Gives it a bit more weight, and eliminates to a certain extent the flaring.

 I kept the machine quilting pretty simple - as you have to do when you have one day to do it!!  I quilted "in the ditch" around the borders, and the block shapes, and along the joins of the spiders web.  then I did a star in the centre of block - using yellow thread, so it kind of disappears and any mistakes are not so visible.
Finally I used my all time multi favourite border stencil - a twisted rope.  You can still see the chalk lines, but they will brush off.

I mark my quilts for machine quilting with one of these Quilt Pounce things.  When I first bought it I thought the idea was great, then I used it and thought it was useless!  Turns out there are two different chalk powders you can get, one rubs off and one does not.  I had the wrong one of course.  Secondly - I do not think they are good for hand quilting, as you handle the fabric so much more, and they do rub off.  Finally, there is a bit of a technique in applying it.  You have to pat the box when it is closed to get the powder distributed, then when you put it on, you have to wipe it over the template, not pounce it on. 

I find it great for these borders, it is done in a flash, and stays on while it is quilted.

So, if you have one at home, and think it is a lemon, try it again.


  1. Wonderful quilt, one of my favorites is Spider Web. Why haven't I made mine yet? Yours is incentive.

  2. great spider web quilt - love those warm fall colors!

  3. A very nice finishe to your Spider Web quilt!!! Yes I have one of those Quilt Pounce thingys, and yes I did try it and hated it, kinda too messy for me LOL!!! It's still there somewhere in my sewing room, waiting for me to give it another chance.....advice noted!

  4. Great finished quilt! Now breathe. I have a pouncer. I've used it when I hand-quilt on the big frame. It's a little messy.

  5. Love your Spider's Web; it glows with that cheddar background. Thanks for the pounce tip.

    1. the class was a great hit, and I have some photos to share in a couple of days. Wendy