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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Do you like a bit of a Mystery?

Are you an Agatha Christie fan?  I am, and I love Midsummer Murders too.

How about a mystery quilt?  Not your regular, run of the mill mystery, where you have to have it finished before your know what you have got.

My idea is a mystery Rose Block of the Month.  One of my hand sewing groups were looking for something new and I suggested an applique block each month, but they had to trust me with what I gave them.  They would be all Rose blocks (think of Rose of Sharon) - some simple, and some more complex.

Rose of Sharon - Block 1

So, while I was in the process of producing these blocks for my sewing group, I decided to produce them for the rest of  the world as well.

They are available each month on the Legend and Lace website. The first block, shown above, will be free, and after that there will be a small charge.    I will try to have them done by the 5th of the month.

You will need a 10" piece of background fabric, and the blocks will be 8" finished. 

I will also be making the blocks myself, so as you get the drawing and start making the blocks, so will I. My  plan is to use lots of different shirtings for my backgrounds, and scrappy reds/greens/pinks etc for the floral part.  

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