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Sunday, August 2, 2009

Feathered World Without End

This is showing the 1" apart lines

This is the closer lines - looks better to me

Finished quilt hanging on the line for photos. Not washed as yet.

I am back working on this quilt again. The whole thing is finished, with a 1" Baptiste Fan. I realised it was not sitting flat in some spots, mainly where the blocks joined. The only way to fix it is more quilting! So now I am doing another row of quilting between the lines. it is looking much better


  1. Hi Wendy, it's me, Lurline! So happy I have tracked you down and I see you are a new blogger - how exciting and welcome to Blogland, a great place to be! I will spend some time soon on your website - just love the way you are pulling ReproLovers together and looking forward to your knowledge about repro quilts and fabrics - just need a little time to get more involved - don't we all?
    'Bye for now - hugs - Lurline♥

  2. Thanks Lurline. This is my New Blog - the old one was so old, that I abandoned it! Hope to add some new photos soon. Wendy

  3. i'm looking for a pattern for Feathered World without End. Can you let me know where I can purchase it?
    Thank you
    Pam Offerman'

  4. this is my own design. It has taken a couple of years to get to this stage - and I have only 2 rows of quilting go! I will post a full picture when it is done. Once finished, I will produce the pattern, so please add your name to the mailing list at www.legendandlace.com and I will advise when it is ready