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Friday, August 14, 2009

Little Sister - part 2

This is the back - it looks a bit messy. I have tacked under the outer edge so that I can applique correctly along the template lines, after I have placed the feathers where they belong.

The Little Sister centre star is now all pieced. It measures 25" across - point to point. Next part is working out how to put the feathers in place. Each feather goes where the last red point finished.


  1. looks wonderful
    what fabric is the cheddar your using?
    I will enjoy watching you make this quilt!

  2. Kathie - the Cheddar is from Windham Colonies Cheddar and Poison green. The red is from Lancaster County 111 by Judie Rothermel. The green I am using is exactly the same as the red.

  3. Hi Wendy

    I was thrilled to have a sneak peak at the Little Sister quilt centre today, it is more stunning in reality than the photos show. I use two trestle tables ($49 each from Bunnings) side by side to create a 1.5m x 2.1m 'work table'. They then stack away neatly if you need the space for something else.

  4. You have made a wonderful start on your quilt, Wendy. Looking forward to seeing what you add next!