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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Quilt Basting - a bit more on the subject

Liz asked about piecing the back.  I do not pay a lot for my fabric, but I buy good quality fabric.  I scout the discount stores and pay around $5 to $10 for backing fabric.  The one on the back of this quilt is a Red Rooster Fabric, "In the Time of Toile" from the Shelbourne Museum.  Cost me $8 a metre.  Guess other people thought it was ugly!  You can see the whole range here Red Rooster  Lots of lovely ugly fabrics.  I love them!  Mine is the gold with the brown/red kind of flowers.

Anyway, I bought 5 metres, and had the shop assistant cut it into two equal lengths for me.  I turned the print around the right way, and stitched the long sides together about 1/2" in from the selvedge.  I then cut the selvedge off, and pressed the seam open.  Pressed the whole back as well the get any creases out.

That selvedge I place upper-most on the table, right down the centre.  So, that is a good guide for me to start placing the batting and the top.

Now that it is morning, and I am still in my pyjamas, I might as well go and put a few more stitches in before it gets too hot to do it.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Quilt Basting

With my husband away, it was a good opportunity to get my quilt basted.  There are various methods and ideas about what is right and wrong in the basting stakes.  I don't know all the rules, but I can show you what works for me.  When I am going to hand quilt, I can either baste by safety pins or by threads.  In the end I don't think it makes any difference to the result, but there are a few reasons why I wanted to thread baste this one.

I think it is easier on the hands to thread baste, rather than safety pins, and you also don;t have to take them out as you move the hoop.  Just cut the threads and pull them as you move along.  It is also light to handle, if you are working on a large quilt.  Mine is 74" square which is large enough to handle.

I lay the backing on the not so large dining table and secure it with bulldog clips all around.  The batting is then layed on top and smoothed down, patted - not stretch.  Put the quilt on top, and smooth down again.  Don;t stretch it.  The quilt is larger than the table so it falls down all the sides, and that kind of stretches it anyway.

I tack with these big fat needles and crochet thread or candle-whicking thread.  I pick them up from garage sales or markets when I see them cheap

I cut off pieces of thread the whole length I want to baste, and start in the middle and work out. The basting is done about 6" apart, up and down the length of the table, then across.  If the quilt is over the edge of the table, I just let the thread hang loose.  Later on I can move the quilt and re-thread and finish off that piece.
Just let them hang over the side.  When all the centre is finished, you can un-clip the backing, and move it over to one side.  I pull up the sides of the quilt, toss the clips into the centre, move it right over to one side, and then clip again.  Pat down and smooth the batting and the quilt top.  Re-thread the needle with the thread ends and start tacking again.

I started this about 7pm and had it 3/4 finished by 8.30.  The rest I can finish in the morning.  Much easier than crawling about on the floor, don't you think?

Friday, February 25, 2011

Hand Quilting - a few things I found out along the way

To get a quilt hand quilted in a time frame, I need to be consistent.  I have given myself 3 months to get the sampler quilt done.  If I do 2 hours every day it will be done.  When I use to go to work (prior to Sept '10) I only did my hand work at night after dinner.  So I would thread up my Clover Needle holder with the 10 needles and threads before I went to bed each night.  The next night after 7pm, I would be ready to go.  I would do the 10 threads, and put it down.  If I got a bit bored with the quilting, I would do some piecing or applique to break it up.

I did get a very sore hand and elbow at one time, and since then have resorted to help.  Just under my elbow I wear the same strap as the tennis players to help the tendon.  You can buy them at the Chemist.  On my hand I wear a Handeze glove.  I saw these gloves being demonstrated at the Sydney quilt show one year, and I just had to try them myself.  After using them for a year, I decided I would sell them myself. Anyone with hand pain fine they are wonderful. 

I also use longer needles for hand quilting, so I can get more stitches on the needle at a time.  I prefer Clover Patchwork Needles in a size 9.  I use them for all sorts of work, not just the quilting.  They are strong, and last a long time.

Looking back over this post, it looks like an advertisement!  I can tell you that when I started up my website I maintained that I would not sell anything that I had not used myself, and thought to be good quality.  I have stuck to that idea.

I hope to baste the quilt this weekend, and get cracking.  BTW, I only ever use one colour of quilting thread.  That is YLI Ecru.  I played around with different colours, on different backgrounds, but found that you could hardly ever see the colour anyway, so stuck with the Ecru.  Try out a few different colours and see what you think.

Will keep you posted on the quilting.  Have not even thought about the design yet - guess I will just wing it, as usual!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Sampler Quilt - Pieces of the Past

I have mentioned before about this sampler.  I made two 4 block samples for classes on hand-piecing.  Then I pulled them apart, made another block, and turned it into a 9 block quilt.  I took it along to our sewing day on Friday, to get some ideas about the border.  I made my mind up on one, until I saw the other!  It is now a complete top.  I decided on the black and red floral.  It is from the Sophia range.

The sunlight washes out the colour. but it shows up pretty well.  Now the plan is to get it basted and hand quilted in the next couple of months.  BTW, I am still teaching the hand-piecing with this quilt, and the shop has kindly let me take it away, but I have to bring it back each month for the class.  My DH is away for a week or so, so I figure it is a good time to get it out on the dining table, where I can baste a little at a time without being in anyone's way.

Scrap Quilt Day

It was actually 2 days - Friday and Saturday.  We had about 15 girls on each of the days, and Penny and I offered them 5 quilts to choose from.  Many different fabric types.  Some were scraps entirely, others made purchases of strips of fabrics.  The end results were mixed

As you can see there were so many different types of fabrics.  We were able to work with the individuals to get the look they wanted.

Our next sewing day (actually 2 days) will be in May 20th and 21st  and it will be a ----------- 
? Mystery Quilt.  I have wanted to do a Mystery Class for some time, and started looking on Google for ideas.  Penny has come up with one she has been working on.........so........we might have 2 different quilts on the days.  One you make with planned fabric purchased and one with scraps.  Wait and see.  Email me if you want to book in Wendy@legendandlace.com, or further information.

We hold these groups at the Lutheran Church hall at McLarenVale in SA, however, we are happy to travel and bring the workshops to you.  Don't hesitate to ask - we can always work something out.


Sunday, February 13, 2011

Only three blocks to go!

I have completed 2 more Circuit Rider blocks this week and that means only 3 more blocks for me.  I have decided not to make the whole quilt as many of the blocks from the book are repeated, and I made a few of my own, not from the book.

Then I start thinking, well I have gone this far, maybe I can do just 6 more.....I bet when I do just 6 more I will want to do another 6.  Not sure what they will be yet.  These two, plus 3 more from the book are for the Circuit Rider Block of the Month, but perhaps the others (if I make them) will just be some I make up from EQ5, or some other place.

Now, back to the latest block Beyond the Cherry Trees block, and the Antique Sampler.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Scrap Quilt project

I have been trying to make one scrap quilt top a month. Sometimes I can not do a thing because of the heat, but I have got some progress.

this quilt I called "Box of Tricks". It is made entirely from 5" squares.  This quilt and the following "Times Square" I am teaching at our Scrap Quilt Day on 18th and 19th February.

Sorry about the light and shadows on the photos.  I tried to get the photos early in the morning before it got too hot outside, and of course you get the shadow.  This time I went for a lighter border.  I think it highlights the colours in the blocks better.

Should anyone want to join in the workshops, please email me Wendy@Legendandlace.com.  The cost is $50 for the day, and includes lunch, and morning and afternoon tea.  It is being held at the Lutheran Church hall at McLaren Vale, South Australia.

 These are a couple more I have been working on.  The one above is called Chuck-a-Luck.  Don't know why!  It is from my Around the Block Book.  These are 6" blocks, and I was trying to make 12 a day, and I kind of fell into a hole with the hot weather.  I want 120 blocks as it is going to be a full size quilt.  So far I have 72 made - so better than half done

 This one is yet to be named!  It is made from 5" squares again.  I need to make one more row of blocks to make it a little wider, and balance up the design.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Circuit Rider's Quilt Blocks 17 & 18

It takes me about 3 evenings to do one of these blocks.  The first night I draw it on the fabric, the second night I do most of the back-basting, and the 3rd night I sew it in place. 
 This block, I basted the leaves in place, then appliqued them.  Next part I pasted the stem and appliqued that.  Finally I put the flowers in place.  Only tricky bit is the internal points of the flowers and getting those triangle bases to look right.
This was so easy!  I basted the leaves in place, appliqued them, then put the centre over top of the bases.

I have only 6 blocks to go to complete the 24 in total for the Circuit Rider's BOM, and to fulfill my 30 blocks I want to make the quilt complete. There are 6 blocks I have made that are not in the book.

The 6 blocks are all chosen, and I think I had better do something a little more complex for the next one, or I will fall into a false sense of security.