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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Circuit Rider's Quilt Blocks 17 & 18

It takes me about 3 evenings to do one of these blocks.  The first night I draw it on the fabric, the second night I do most of the back-basting, and the 3rd night I sew it in place. 
 This block, I basted the leaves in place, then appliqued them.  Next part I pasted the stem and appliqued that.  Finally I put the flowers in place.  Only tricky bit is the internal points of the flowers and getting those triangle bases to look right.
This was so easy!  I basted the leaves in place, appliqued them, then put the centre over top of the bases.

I have only 6 blocks to go to complete the 24 in total for the Circuit Rider's BOM, and to fulfill my 30 blocks I want to make the quilt complete. There are 6 blocks I have made that are not in the book.

The 6 blocks are all chosen, and I think I had better do something a little more complex for the next one, or I will fall into a false sense of security.

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