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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Only three blocks to go!

I have completed 2 more Circuit Rider blocks this week and that means only 3 more blocks for me.  I have decided not to make the whole quilt as many of the blocks from the book are repeated, and I made a few of my own, not from the book.

Then I start thinking, well I have gone this far, maybe I can do just 6 more.....I bet when I do just 6 more I will want to do another 6.  Not sure what they will be yet.  These two, plus 3 more from the book are for the Circuit Rider Block of the Month, but perhaps the others (if I make them) will just be some I make up from EQ5, or some other place.

Now, back to the latest block Beyond the Cherry Trees block, and the Antique Sampler.


  1. Don't you just love getting close to the finish line. I love the intensity of the fabrics you have chosen! I am falling in love with poison green!

  2. I changed out some blocks too when I made the Circuit Rider quilt.