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Monday, January 11, 2016

So while I was cleaning and de-cluttering..........

I have not even started on my sewing room, but managed to find a heap of homeless blocks.  Some short while ago I saw a facebook post, referring to Quilter Stew.  For a long time, in fact close to 20 years, I have had one of these quilts brewing in my brain.  However, I could not actually work out how to go about it.

 the design idea behind this, is that you get heaps of orphan blocks, and sew them together in a random fashion and they all fit together.
These 5 stars are 20

some of the 12"blocks

 I don't really do "random" very well, even though I do with my colours, the rest really need to be kind of planned.
 You can see by these photos that I have lots of different sizes, so wondered how I could make them go together so they kind of looked "random".  I love the maths of quilting making and started thinking about that part of the plan.
 I came up with the base size of 24".  If I make up sets of blocks into pieces that measure 24", then sew them together with bits of cut up blocks, and strips of fabric, I might get that elusive random effect.
6" blocks
 8"blocks are easy, as you need nine of these, or you could have 2x 4"to make up the number.  With 9" blocks you can have 2, then add in a 6' block.


This is today's effort so far.  Top RH corner is a 20"star surrounded by 4"blocks, then below are 4 9"blocks, with 6"blocks around them.  In the centre is a 12"block, with 6"blocks added.  The bottom is the same, 12"block with 6"blocks added.  Not sure yet about the 9 x 8"blocks at the top.

I am just going to work on putting 24"squares together, then wonder later on how they will all meet up.  If you have any ideas on this style of quilt I would be happy to hear from you.


  1. I have a few random blocks in several patterns and I've thought about doing this but the colors (in my opinion) just won't work together. Maybe I need to make some more orphan blocks?

    Your feathered stars are gorgeous, Wendy. They are on my list of blocks I want to try. They always looked too difficult for me but I recently saw a pattern in a book and realized that I maybe could actually make them.

    Your layout looks good. It will be interesting to follow your progress on this effort.

    Take care,
    Nancy. (ndmessier @ aol.com, joyforgrace.blogspot.com)

    1. The Feathered Stars are handpieced using Marti Mitchell templates. There were suppose to be 9, but I ran out of oomph after 5.

      Try not to worry about the colour too much. that is what will make this look really interesting

  2. You have it nailed. Its all about making the "coping" blocks and strips and then it goes together. Looks great so far!

  3. This is great! Some great blocks, it will be a wonderful quilt.

  4. I was very interested to see that you are planning this quilt Wendy. A few years back Victoria Finlay made one which she called her "kitchen sink" (everything but!) quilt and I thought it perfect for someone (me) who made a few blocks and got bored and went on to something new!
    My thought is,that some kind of element, like a strip of flying geese for example, that appears in several places in the quilt, somehow makes some "order out of chaos".
    Looking forward very much to seeing how this develops.

  5. Oh I love what you are doing. Hugs

  6. I think I saw that same FB post and I was so intrigued. I usually give away my orphan blocks, but you have inspired me to keep them and give this a try. Love yours so far!

  7. You have a wonderful strategy in place!
    I'm not good with randomness either - I find your post very inspiring!

  8. Interesting post. At one time I was looking for the blue fabric you used for the cake stand 9" block I see in one picture. I tend not to hold onto orphan blocks but really should. Rosemary Youngs did a couple quilts using up her orphan blocks. You could look through her blog posts for ideas.

  9. I have no ideas, but very impressed with yours! I think this collection works well so long as you have the smaller blocks to put around the larger ones.

  10. Great idea and interesting to follow your thinking. I think they will work so nicely together - such a lovely collection. An element of repetition might help link them - perhaps split up the 8inch blocks into smaller groups across the quilt? I also like Kath's idea of the strips of flying geese. Am sure you will come up with the perfect arrangement!

  11. Such a great idea Wendy. I love quilts like that, that are interesting and unexpected. Must take a look through my blocks, although I dont have a lot. Thanks for the Quilters Stew link. That is really good as well!

  12. When you start with 5 amazing feathered stars it is bound to be a great stew. I am a new reader and look forward to it's progress.

    1. I am sorry it took so long to reply. Your comment was waiting for moderation, and I missed it. I have just one more 24"block to make, then I can put them all together