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Sunday, January 3, 2016

Decluttering for 2016

Happy New Year to you all!  I am starting my new year by decluttering my house and life.  My plan is to do one hour a day, and then it is not a big chore.  Anyone else want to join me?   I created a FaceBook page for the purpose and you can join in.  I hope this LINK will work.

As a part of my need to get some order in my life, I started with my spare bedroom.  This is where things get STASHED!  No doubt, many of you will have such a room.
These are the bags I store my quilts in.  This IS NOT all my quilts, just those not currently in use around the house, or being used as teaching samples.  I have decided to bite the bullet and sell some of them.  Many that I want to sell have been published in Australian magazines, machine pieced and quilted.  Some quilted by me, and some by a professional quilter.   If you are at all interested, or would like some photos and sizes etc please contact me on this email address.

Below are a few I have selected.  There are many more!


  1. I started "de-cluttering" and clearing out things last year - then I did another one last week before the New Year. It is so uplifting to go through things that we no longer need or use. I try to find a home for the fabric I will not use. Nice quilts.

  2. I did that some time ago and it helped! Was a little sad.....