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Monday, July 26, 2010

Circuit Rider Block 10 - Rambler Rose

Block 10 is done, and only 2 more to make for the Block of the Month.  I have alternated between  simple blocks, and those that appear to be more complex.  This block would appear more complex.  The next one is simple, then the final block is a little more work.  In fact, I don't think any of these blocks are really hard to make.  Yes, I know, I am quite experience with applique, but still I get stumped with the Mary Mannakee blocks.  They ARE hard!  I am working on one of those at the moment, just to remind myself that I did take on this project, so had better get on with it.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Beyond the Cherry Trees - Block 10

This week I got block number 10 downloaded, drawn up and finished!  More circles and more leaves......

There have been lots of challenges the last few weeks.  My camera would not work during my trip away, and it was going to cost about $150 to get in fixed.  The on/off button would not work.  i managed to get all the photos off the camera and into the computer.  Phew!  My dear Brother in Law saw the camera sitting on the kitchen bench and offered to have a look at it for me.  He brought it back working within an hour.  Don't ask what he did!  he is not even sure himself, but it is working again.

Then the hard drive on the computer started to die.  I think I might have got a virus. or something.  Same clever BIL, got the stuff off my hard drive for me, and install a new hard drive, for $75.  I lost a few patterns, but all can be recovered from hard copies, and all my photos are ok.

Thought I would lay out the first 9 blocks and see what they look like.  This is going to be a VERY BIG quilt!  about 92" I think.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Circuit Rider's Quilt - so far

I have just completed block 9 of this quilt, and have only 3 more to go to complete all the blocks for our Block of the Month programme.  I do plan to make all the blocks for myself, and have sort of said to myself that I could probably get them done by the end of the year.  No promise now, just a suggestion.  I laid all the blocks out on the kitchen floor this morning.  Thought it was time to see what they look like all together.

Bit too much light coming in - shows that i did not iron them first.  Don;t like to iron the blocks too much until it is all ready to go together.

I have chosen the next 3 blocks - a couple of the easier ones, and one a bit more complicated.

This is the latest block completed

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Australian Country Craft and Decorating magazine

I forgot that I had agreed to a "Profile" in this magazine.  Someone told me on the phone last night.  Gosh, I wondered what they had written about me??  Last time I had something like this I was very embarrassed.  This time I am very happy with it.  It is accurate and really sounds a bit like me. 

this is the front cover of Vol 21 No 12 - it is the "Patchwork Edition"

None of the photos are in my home.  They are all from other magazines, and they took them from the files.  The photo of me was taken by my daughter, Natalie.  She took about 20 before I was happy with the light and the amount of wrinkles showing!  Well, so would you!