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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Circuit Rider's Quilt - so far

I have just completed block 9 of this quilt, and have only 3 more to go to complete all the blocks for our Block of the Month programme.  I do plan to make all the blocks for myself, and have sort of said to myself that I could probably get them done by the end of the year.  No promise now, just a suggestion.  I laid all the blocks out on the kitchen floor this morning.  Thought it was time to see what they look like all together.

Bit too much light coming in - shows that i did not iron them first.  Don;t like to iron the blocks too much until it is all ready to go together.

I have chosen the next 3 blocks - a couple of the easier ones, and one a bit more complicated.

This is the latest block completed


  1. The blocks look really great together even if they aren't ironed very well. Nice job!!

  2. They are gorgeous. You did a great job. Look
    forward to the rest of the blocks.

  3. Your blocks are gorgeous! Would love to start the Circuit Rider Quilt, but I have too many "Starts" already! Cyndi