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Saturday, February 15, 2014

Pom Pom Tree

All the February blocks are completed now - the Blueberry Basket, the Tulip, and now the Pom Pom Tree
This block makes me smile!  It reminds me of the old English Court jesters - the ones that use to run about with bells on their hats and pom poms on their shoes.  Hope it has that smiley effect on others as well.

The block is now ready to download on the Legend and Lace website.  The cost is $4.50.

So, now I can put my feet up and catch up with a bit of other sewing.  I want to make another machined quilt out of my stash.  After the Rolling Stones turned out so well, I would like another big block quilt.  I had in mind a Virginia Reel - also know as Snail Trail and Nautilus.  You can see the Rolling Stone quilt top here

I was so excited about the rain the other day.  We have not had rain since September, and it is so brown and crunchy all around us.  The rain did not stop for 2 days, and we ended up with the wettest day in 45 years!  how is that?  We did not get any flooding where I live, but there are lots of people effected with flood.  Best part is, it put out the bush fire that has been going in the Flinders Ranges for a month.


  1. Ce bloc est superbe,c'est vrai l'alusion aux bouffons dans les cours d'autrefois est frappante.
    Bonjour de France

  2. You're right - this block DOES remind me of court jesters! It's very very nice!

  3. Good news on the rain and brushfire! Love these pom pom tree blocks.

  4. What a fun quilt block. Glad you got some much needed rain.