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Tuesday, March 4, 2014


I love to go to workshops, but I rarely get to go as a student.  Mostly I am the instructor/teacher/leader.  When I saw that Hettie's Patch were have a weekend with Sue Daley and the Quilted Crow girls I put my name down straight away.  I could not do the whole 3 days, but did line up for one day.

1" Clamshells all lined up
Sue Daley was doing English Paper Pieced clamshell purse.  I could not see that I would ever make this into a purse, so decided to just make the pieces, and later on turn them into a mini quilt.  I guess I always knew how to make these little shapes, but it was nice to join the class as I had never actually done them before.

These pieces all came from the applique scrap bags that I was thinking of throwing out a while back.  Silly me!  I spent a couple of hours going through the bags and picking out pieces around 2" and ironing them.  I had trouble finding enough light colours.

I sent the photo to my daughter at the end of the day and her comment ?  "Is that all you did - too much gabbing"  well, it all takes time, dosn't it? and you do have to talk and get coffee and there is a lunch break.....and the Trunk Show
one of Sue's quilts

you can see some more photos of the Trunk Show on Hettie's facebook page.


  1. Me gusta esta entrada especial mente !!!
    en abril del pasado año Sue impartió sus cursos en Madrid
    fui una privilegia de poder asistir a uno de sus cursos
    fue muy interesante, y lo pasamos genial en muy amable y divertida
    ¡¡¡que buenos recuerdos!!!

  2. C'est charmant !
    Je n'ai jamais essayé les clamschell.
    Le quilt en dessous et une merveille.