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Thursday, March 13, 2014

Tulips - part 5

I double checked this one, and hope it is all ok for you.  No spaces!
This little basket sits right in the middle of the second border.  I put a blue one on two opposite sides and the the pink baskets on the other 2 sides.  When I made the quilt with these baskets, I made them all in one piece, but now I think you could do it again, breaking all the pieces up into segments - the basket, the stems and the flower tops.  However, the original quilt was done all in one piece, as I did.  This was probably to take advantage of the print.

Do you love this blue print?  I still have a few scraps of it about.

The pink I used is a double pink stripe print.  Both these fabrics I used again in the quilt.  So keep your scraps!

The pattern is now ready to download on the legend and lace website.  The cost is $4.95.  If you pay by PayPal you get an emailed link straight away, but if you pay by credit card I have to process it and send you the link.  If I am sitting at my computer, then that happens pretty quickly.

You get 3 days to download the pattern, and you get 3 tries.  If you have a problem doing it in that time, let me know and I will reset it for you.

Happy stitching!


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