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Thursday, February 6, 2014

A Blueberry Basket for you

I dug deep into the scrap bag and found this colour combo for the Blueberry basket.  Some of these fabrics would be about 15 years old.  When you start hoarding bits of fabrics, you JUST KNOW that you will need them one day.  One of my quilting friends confessed just recently to having thrown out all her scraps.  I feel tempted at times, as I have 3 bags and 2 boxes, but I do a lot of applique, and I have found some treasures in those bags and boxes.

Hope you like this little basket.  I will turn it the other way so you get another view of it.

Looks a little crooked in the corner, but it is just the angle of the photo.  I squared the block up when it was finished.  I am hand stitching all my blocks, and I find that easy with the templates.  The girls doing them on the machine might find the sizing a bit hard again this month as there are a couple with 1/16ths and 7/16ths.  I usually take these up to the next measurement, and trim back if I need to.

We have just had our second heat wave of the summer.  This time the temperature got up to 46C - that is 115F, and it did not even cool down at night much.  Once the heat was over, we had the most incredible gale that lasted all night and half of the day.  There is lots of damage with trees and houses.  We got off fairly lightly with 2 broken trees......and lots of dirt!  Everything I touch has a new coating of dust on it.  Have not felt much like sewing.

Enjoy stitching this little basket.  I would love to see some photos if you can be bothered sending them to me.  You can get your pattern from the Legend and Lace website HERE


  1. Sorry to hear about the extreme weather. Thanks for another lovely little block - very generous of you. I do love the colour combination you have used here - perfect for precious scraps.

  2. I am a big scrap saver and once in a while I send them off to other quilters and start over. Cute block and I love the name!!

  3. Un ravissement que de passer sur ce blog!
    Beaucoup de travail et quel accomplissement ,bravo

  4. Oh, it hurts to think of someone throwing away scraps! LOL I have tons, too, but I do use them, though they still threaten to take over. It seems they multiply faster than I can subtract!