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Friday, January 17, 2014

Who says reproduction fabrics are dull and boring?  Lots of people make that comment when I say that I mostly make quilts using "repros".  I also love Kaffe fabrics, and lots of bright modern fabrics as well. Mostly I love the traditional "olde worlde" prints, and it is surprising how bright you can go.
Look how bright this one is!  I am calling it "Summertime" for very good reason, it looks bright and floraly, and all made with reproduction fabrics.  I don't use as many browns now as I use to, but they are specially beautiful with teal blue, or red, or pink.  I tried not to have "over the top" brightness in this quilt, and it needed a few duller mixes as well. 

So this is the Rolling Stone quilt top, with the extra 5 blocks made.  They are the ones along the left hand side.  It is a pretty big quilt now 75" square. It was too big to get a photo on the floor, so took it outside onto the clothes line, in the blistering heat!  My friend Irene calls my clothes line "the quilt gallery"!

I loved playing with the colour arrangements so much I could probably keep sewing, but I do think this is big enough now.  I am thinking of doing the "big stitch" quilting with Perle cotton on this one.  So far I have done 2 quilts this way, and it happens very fast compared to the "little stitch" quilting that I am so use to.

The final digital block for this month - the Pom Pom Tree - is now ready.  Block 3 is on the Legend and Lace website.  This is another good example of bright reproduction fabrics.  Love this bright blue!


  1. 'Summertime' is gorgeous! LOVE it!

  2. Love the summertime quilt, looks good square and the colour mix works well. I too hang my quilts from the clothes line to photograph, so much easier then waiting for someone tall to agree to hold it up!

  3. I so agree, Wendy - repros do not have to be dull and boring! Love this quilt!!

  4. Audrey posted this link, Wendy, and I have to say how much I love your rolling stone blocks too! Wonderful colours, and I see you are like me, and love all kinds of different fabrics. But I really don't need this kind of temptation right now...

  5. That is such a great quilt top Wendy. I agree that repros can be bright and happy too! The pom Pom tree block is super adorable!!

  6. Summertime is wonderful! I hear that a lot, too, but I wonder what they are looking at because my repros are not dull and boring!