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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Tulips - part 3

Despite the hot weather, I have managed to get a few of my jobs done.  Today is day 3 of a predicted 5 days of temperatures over 40C.  Today is predicted to be 45 - that is 113F.  Once it gets this hot you just have to stay inside and try and keep cool.

Last weekend I completed part 3 of the Tiptoe Through the Tulips pattern.  These are the "splodge" shapes that I have called Folk Art Circles.  One goes in each of the corners of the centre square.  I did mine in a printed double pink plaid and a directional stripe with brown, red, gold and blue.
 I love this fabric, and would love to get a bit more of it if anyone knows where I could find it
When I was making the pattern for this quilt, I had images of the original quilt maker sitting at her kitchen table using jam jars, and cotton reels to draw the shapes.  They used what they had sitting around.  I expect many of use do that still today.  I use to be quite good at art when I was at school, but lost interest as I got older.  When I was drawing the shapes for the the pattern, I realised that I still had some of the skills tucked away.  Surprising.

The patterns are now available on the Legend and Lace website

.Yesterday, before it got too hot, like when it was on 39C, I cut out 5 more blocks for the Rolling Stones.  I figured I could string piece them through the sewing machine, and get them mostly done in one day.  I have really enjoyed matching up (or not matching!) the fabrics for these blocks.  I kind of started with the centre piece, and found fabrics that went with that to make a frame.  This will be my job this morning.

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  1. LOVE the colors for your blocks in the last photo! I recognize most of them! We have gone from a deep freeze to a heat wave.......around 40 also...........but 40 F!