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Monday, January 13, 2014

The heat is on!

The weather forecast for this coming week is 40C+ during the day.  For those of you who live where the weather is measured in F, well this is hot, when you think that 38C is 100F......so all week we will be looking for indoor activities.  For me, it will not be quilting.  Yuk!  maybe a little hand piecing, with the air-con going.

 So far, I have 4 of the Rose Star blocks completed.  It is a little bit of a challenge finding 5 colours that go together, so i have decided to not choose colours that go together, but ones that clash instead,  I think I am getting a more interesting block.  For example, the block at the top of this picture has red, blue stripe, soft lilac, purple and cheddar.  I would like to keep up the stripes in each block, and some red or pink, but that would be the only matching part.
The Rolling Stone blocks are all done - well I thought they were.  I have made 20 blocks and put them all together.  Went of to a sewing/social/lunch day on Saturday and took it for my show and tell.  The suggestion was that I make the quilt square.  if I make it square then I don't have to add a border, which might not enhance the quilt.  Three of the girls there were prize winning quilters and one also a well respected machine quilter.  I am inclined to embrace their comments.  Also, they gave me some ideas on the quilting design to use.  So, it looks like I have to make another 5 blocks. 

It is school holidays still, and my granddaughter came over yesterday to stay for a few days.  She says she will stay a week, but after a couple of days she starts asking to go home.  We just take it as we can. 

Breakfast time now.  Will find those Cornflakes!


  1. I wouldnt have thought of making it square, but now that you point out the reasons why, I agree its a good idea! At least its a good week staying cool inside and piecing!

  2. I usually make square quilts, as I love that you can turn them any which way on the bed. I also find blocks like the Rolling Stone dont need borders and sometimes look better without.
    Love the Rose Star blocks.

  3. I do like the top Rose Star! Yeah, go for clash!!! Loving your Rolling Stone.

  4. Love the scrappy look of both quilts.

  5. I agree that the Rolling Stone quilt doesn't need borders. It's beautiful just the way it is. Too bad five more blocks need to be completed though. I love the look of the Rose Star blocks. I love adding stripes and I never seem to have enough of them on-hand.