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Friday, January 3, 2014

Rolling Stone update

 It is so hard to get a good shot of a large quilt on the floor!  I tried a few different angles, and these are what I ended up with.
I love making these Rolling Stone blocks.  They are so easy, and the colour combinations can be really interesting.  I am trying to get as much variety in the colour, and depth as I can.  do you like how you get a secondary pattern where the blocks join?  A good reason not to sash these blocks.

So far I have 12 blocks made, and it would be ok to leave it as it is, but I am thinking I will make another 8 blocks, then I can actually use it on a bed.

At this stage people start asking me how I am going to quilt it, and of course, I have no idea.  Probably cross hatch in the ditch on the sewing machine.  Or, I could use my new favourite method, which is the "big stitch" quilting with perle 8 cotton.  Depends on how far I put it down the "to do" list once the top is complete.  Time will tell.

My other New Year project, the hand pieced Rose Star, now has 2 blocks made. I have chosen the fabrics for the next one, but stopped there.  We had the hottest couple of days at New Year, I really felt like doing nothing.  Then we had a little cool change, and got out my hand quilting for a little while just because I could!  Normally I would not contemplate hand quilting this time of year, but I would quite like to get this one quilted by the end of February.


  1. Your Rolling Stone blocks are so nice - love all the different color combinations - and how rich the colors are together. I'd love to make one of these myself! Thanks for the pictures...

  2. Love how your Rolling Stone is looking!