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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Hexagon Flowers

I started to make the hexagon flowers.  The first lot I used papers that were 1" along the straight side.  I thought that would be the right size.  Well, it isn't.  I did the next lot at 3/4" and it looks much better.  Who would think 1/4" would make that much difference in the overall size?  Well it certainly does.  I will find another home for the two oversized flowers - may turn them into a pin cushion.  Good idea? 

here are the first 4 of the correct size along with the 2 that are too big.  I like the fabrics in the first two, so will use them again.  They are all 1800's reproduction fabrics. 

I have decided that it is much better fun to start something new, than it is to actually finish it.  That is my new plan - just do what I like, and maybe one day I will get it finished.  So, don't hold your breath on this one!


  1. That is quite a difference for such a small adjustment!
    I like your new plan. I never could understand quilters who could start a project and drive through to the end before starting something new. I admire them, but I can't understand them. ;-)

  2. You have a terrific start!!
    I'm surprised at how much 1/4" made with these blocks. I do like the smaller ones better. They are so cute!!