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Thursday, June 14, 2012

We have hit the ton!

In the game of cricket, that means we have scored 100.  Legend and Lace blog now has over 100 followers!  Thank you all for taking an interest, and the time to make a comment from time to time.

I have a gift for you to celebrate. 

If you would like a set of Karen Kay Buckley new "Perfect Ovals" and "Perfect Stems", please leave a comment - tell me why you might like them - and they are yours.   I will have a draw on the 1st July, and whoever is drawn,  will receive them if you are a registered follower.  You can be anywhere in the world - I will post them to you.

Wendy  x


  1. I'd love to win the perfect ovals and perfect stems. I do a lot of appliqué and use Karen's perfct circles. They've really helped to speed up my circles as well as making them more perfect.

  2. I use the circles, they came in very handy when making BTCT blocks. I'm sure the ovals and stems would be a great addition to the applique bag of tricks. Woohoo to 100, how fun for you!

  3. Congratulations Wendy!!!! It's quite a milestone!! I'll throw my hat into the ring, for the 'ovals' and 'stems', so far the circles have been useful for my dresden plates, these new shapes could just inspire further creativity!!!!!

  4. Follower 104 here, I have the circles and they are really useful especially for Flower Garden, I have plans for another Kim McLean quilt and I think the ovals and stems would be useful for that one.

  5. Congrats on 100+ followers! I would love to try the ovals and stems - I enjoy wool applique, and anything that makes the prep work easier/faster is a plus!

  6. Thank you for such a generous give-away Wendy!
    I would LOVE these applique' templates! I love applique' work but often dread making stems. Especially those that are narrower than 1/4". The ovals would be awesome for making perfect grape clusters and petals too!

  7. I am loving applique more and more. The templates would be a great help for all those tiny pieces of stems and leaves.. I need to buy the circles as aI have a hard time getting those smooth.

  8. Applications are fairly new to me, have read about Karen's products in several places when the journey goes out in "blogland" - often wonder: Who was rich, so there should be bought in, but now comes the various "essential gadgets etc." little by little - every time of joy.
    Would love to be the lucky, otherwise I enjoy following your blog. Thanks for the nice things, I learn a lot.

  9. I have the Perfect Circles and love them - having the ovals and stems would be terrific for my appliqué!