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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Lemon tree - and the rest of the garden

After the encouragement I got when I showed you the little Lemon Tree quilt, I thought I had better find the "mother" quilt and see what stage I really am up to.

Good news!  All the main floral blocks are done - all 14 of them.  So that is good.  Tick!  There is one bird missing on one of the blocks, and most of the birds need some embroidery for their legs.

 There are 4 stars in the corners, and I have made 3.  Good news there as I thought I had only done one or two.  I made two on the machine, and one by hand.  I think the one I made by hand is the bottom one, and far nicer than the other two, so one more by hand.

 Looks like all 4 side baskets are done.  Don;t like these baskets.  The handles are to high, but they are done.  Tick!

3 and a half of the side floral pieces.  I will finish that 4th one today, then it looks like only 2 more to go after that.  Almost done.  There are 4 corner motifs as well, which are just flower heads, so that will not take much time.

Perhaps I should concentrate on getting these pieces finished.  This is the first antique quilt I attempted to recreate.  I painstakingly drew up all the blocks, from enlarged photo copies of the quilt, then when I was almost done I found that they are all on EQ!  How about that?  Not fare, but I probably value it more because of all the preliminary work I put into.  I went off it a little because of the fabrics I chose.  It is all in solids except for the bowls, and I have used Kona cotton, which has wonderful colours, but the fabric is very heavy.  I know I will end up with a very heavy quilt.  If may be difficult to hand quilt as well.

So there you are - one star to go, and 2 triangle border pieces, and 4 corners.  Piece of cake!


  1. Good to know about your blog and thank you such a wonderful post, And so true. Yet again, you got to the right words perfectly.
    Thank you for sharing with us.

    Stauffers of kissel hil

  2. That quilt will be lovely once it is all finished. I love all the Kona cotton colours too but you're right, it is heavy fabric, I tried applique with it once and didn't enjoy it at all. Moda Bella cotton is a lighter fabric with a fairly good colour range and is much nicer to applique.

  3. How nice you got the out in the daylight again Wendy! And with a fairly small effort you will have a nice top. Why dont you consider sending it out for quilting when it's so heavy? Couldn't this be something interesting for a magazine, a replicia of an antique quilt? And there is nothing like a deadline for encouragement, right?

  4. Yes, a deadline is very motivational! But, this one I would not send to a magazine. Too much work, and it has already been taught as classes in Sydney by someone else. I saw a number of copies of it at the Sydney Quilt Show a few years back. I think I will just enjoy it for myself. Wendy

  5. Your blocks look wonderful- vibrant and pretty.

    1. I do love the colours too, Joanne. I think a solid fabric is more vibrant than a print. I can now boast that all 4 stars are finished!!